Classic Life Insurance with Generali Insurance allows you to save money and ensure optimal protection for your loved ones.

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Classic Life Insurance


at the end of the insurance period (for survival to a stipulated age), you receive a guaranteed sum insured.

Basic insurance

Insurance in case of death

providing additional financial security for yourself and your loved ones.

Tailored to your individual needs

Additional insurance coverage

which you can add to the basic insurance coverage.


Unexpected events can instantly turn your life upside down. Classic Life Insurance gives you financial security when such unexpected events occur.


  • guaranteed sum insured for survival to a stipulated age and death,
  • option of increasing the sum insured in case of death to up to 300% of the basic sum insured,
  • option of tailoring the insurance to your individual needs.

    In addition to the basic insurance coverage (insurance in case of death), you can choose from a number of additional insurance coverages to add to the Classic Life Insurance, in accordance with the insurance company’s terms:

    • additional accidental death insurance
    • additional accidental death insurance (for death as a result of a car accident),
    • additional insurance of critical illnesses,
    • additional accidental death insurance (for certain types of surgery),
    • additional daily hospital allowance insurance,
    • additional daily compensation insurance,
    • additional insurance in case of accidental disability - linear or with a progressive disability scale of 540%,
    • termination of premium payments in the event of permanent total disability,


    within the offer is calculated based on:

    • the insurance period,
    • the amount of the sum insured,
    • the age and state of health of the insured person,
    • other risk factors affecting the amount of the premium.
    Life insurance premiums are deducted from your personal bank account by direct debit.


    In Slovenia, there are two laws that provide the legal basis for life insurance eligibility for tax exemptions:

    • the Insurance Contracts Tax Act (ZDPZP) and
    • the Personal Income Tax Act (Z-Doh-1).

    the Insurance Contracts Tax Act (ZDPZP) states:

    an 8.5% tax on the insurance premium is charged if the duration of the insurance is shorter than 10 years;

    an 8.5% tax on the cash value (surrender value) of an insurance policy is charged if the insurance concluded for a period of 10 years or more is terminated before the expiration of the 10-year period.

    the Personal Income Tax Act (Z-Doh-1) provides that:

    The basis for taxation is the difference between the payment of the sum insured (surrender value) and the paid premiums. Exemption from life insurance taxation is provided in the following cases:

    • payment of the sum insured in the event of the death of the insured person,
    • if all the conditions listed are met
    • income (insurance benefits) from life insurance is due for payment later than after the expiration of 10 years from the beginning of the insurance,
    • the insurance policyholder (policyholder) is also the beneficiary of the insurance benefits at the end of the insurance period,
    • the surrender value of the insurance policy is not paid earlier than 10 years after the conclusion of the insurance.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Personal safety should not depend on unforeseen events and luck. When deciding on the right personal insurance for you, you have to follow all the necessary steps carefully, as this is the only way to

    ensure you are really protected.
    Creating your own personal financial security strategy can be compared to building a house. You need to start at the foundation, but you must not skip any of the intermediate stages if you want your house to be stable and firm.


    First and foremost, you need to protect your financial security in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from any loss of income due to unforeseen events. This is particularly important if you are a borrower, because by purchasing the right life insurance, you can protect your loved ones, and make sure that you can actually repay your loan yourself, no matter what happens in your life. 

    Choosing the right life, accident and health insurance products can give you a high level of security:

    2. SAVING

    By upgrading your basic protection, you can save additional funds that you will need in the future.

    Classic life insurance offers the option of a basic upgrade that you can add to your basic protection. This type of insurance gives you the security of a guaranteed payout in the form of the sum insured. Therefore, it doesn’t represent an investment risk, which means you can use it as a long-term form of savings, which in addition to security provides you with a guaranteed payout after the end of the savings period and a tax advantages.


    What is the impact of saving in funds on social transfers?

    We often hear excuses from young parents that they don’t save because their savings would push them into a higher income class and they would receive a lower child allowance per month as a result. The reason for the decision against saving is generally unfounded because such savings are taken into account only in the form of fictitious interest.


    Where can I get help and additional information?

    Information on the possibilities of saving in funds can be obtained at the SKB Bank outlet or by calling the Call Centre at 01 471 55 55, where you will arrange an appointment in the selected outlet.


    How do I start saving in AMUNDI or MOOREA funds?

    Would you like to start saving in funds but don't know how?


    Why choose saving under the Moorea Fund savings plan?

    The Moorea Fund savings plan is concluded for a period of 5 years with automatic renewal for the same period.

    Investments under the Moorea Fund savings plan are available at no entry or exit loads.

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    Ivona K.

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