Leasing is adjusted to your wishes, needs and financial capabilities.


Into fixed assets and development

depending on needs and capabilities.


Simple and quick approval process

where you choose the leasing provider of the leasing subject.


Payment depending on the actual needs

even during the validity duration of the contract.

Tax benefits

Possibility of claiming tax deductions

for VAT and corporate income tax(asion) on income.


Leasing is intended for domestic corporate clients, professionals, sole proprietors and spending authorities, who have longterm investment plans and are looking for alternative options for financing.


Conditions for acquisition are more simple and less demanding compared to loan; monthly instalments, financing period and starting obligations can be adjusted to financial capabilities of the company. When signing the contract the company becomes the beneficial owner of the leasing subject and gets the right of use; after fullfiling the obligations and based on the statement of repayment of all claims the company becomes also the legal owner of the leasing subject.


With operational leasing the company gets the right of use, but not also the right of ownership over the leasing subject. It enables off-balance-sheet financing and the use of leasing subject for the agreed term. The sum of the lease depends on the set rest of the values of the leasing subject, which is formed by market price, depreciation period and operational life of the leasing subject.


This is a special form of leasing, where the company owns the leasing subject and sells it to the bank. The bank gives then the leasing subject on lease or in beneficiary ownership to the company in accordance with financial leasing. By doing that the company gets additional funds for growing business, new investments or refinancing of other financing sources with unfavourable price or maturity.


Possibility of on/off-balance-sheet dissemination of investments into fixed assets (the form of the investment depends on whether the company decides on financial or operational leasing).


The possibility of adjusting the leasing payment based on actual needs and wishes of the company even during the validity duration of the contract (deferred payment, early repayment …).


Sisbiz is an information system for the exchange of data and information on the indebtedness of legal entities. Members of the system are granted access to individualised data on the indebtedness of a particular legal entity.

Make an appointment with the advisor

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With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

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Frequently asked questions

The difference between a loan and a lease is that when you buy a vehicle with a loan, you acquire ownership of the vehicle immediately, while with a lease, the lessor remains the owner of the car until the lease is repaid.
The lessor will grant you a lease in the amount and with a monthly installment corresponding to the inflows into your personal account. The lowest monthly installment is 100 EUR.
Leasing features:

  • The repayment period for a car lease can be up to 7 years,
  • the option to buy a used or new vehicle,
  • in most cases the deposit is at least 20% of the value of the vehicle,
  • the option of choosing between a fixed or variable interest rate,
  • the cost of approval is comparable to the cost of getting a loan.

To obtain a lease, the client must submit proof of regular income (salary, pension or other income). Foreign citizens are additionally required to have a guarantor. Leasing insurance is the object of the lease itself, i.e. a vehicle that remains the property of the lessor until the last installment has been paid. Additional leasing insurance is usually not required, but the vehicle must be insured.

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