Specialists with assistance

Quick access to diagnosis and treatment.


Quick access to specialists

Specialist examinations, diagnostic tests, psychological help, selected surgeries and physiotherapy.


Remote video consultation with a doctor

Solve health problems faster and without visiting a doctor's office.


Avoid long queues

At the specialist examination in the self-paying outpatient clinic in 10 days **.


Don’t leave your health or the health of your children to chance. Choose insurance Specialists with Assistance, which provides easy access to a remote medical consultation with a general practitioner of family medicine.

Do you know the waiting queues in public health system?

  • cardiological examination: on average 210 days
  • knee surgery: on average 273 days
  • heart MRI: on average 139 days
  • varicose vein surgery: on average 734 days
Often, a timely diagnosis is key
for successful treatment!

With insurance Specialists with assistance by Generali you can take action quickly, take care of your health and save. Insurance makes your path to diagnosis and treatment easier.

Source: National Institute of Public Health, National Monitoring of Waiting Times. Report on September 1, 2020
**Applies to self-paying health services to specialists who are contractors of the insurance company. This period may also be longer in individual cases if there are reasons for this on the part of the contractor.

Custom packages

You can choose from three packages that include a different range of health services.


with insurance
sum of 2,000 EUR
with insurance
sum of 3,000 EUR
with insurance
sum of 10,000 EUR





Specialist treatments

Diagnostic tests

Treatment plan

Expert medical consultation (video, phone)

Psychological help (up to 700 EUR per year)

Second opinion

Medications (up to 200 EUR per year)


Physiotherapy (up to 400 EUR per year)


Operations (up to EUR 7,000 per year)

- -

In an individual insurance year, the insurance company pays the costs of health services up to the amount of the annual sum insured stated on the policy.

Make an appointment with an individual relationship officer

Your individual relationship officer will wait for you in the outlet on the agreed upon date and time. 
With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

Make an appointment or Send an inquiry

Table of monthly
insurance premiums in EUR:

Monthly insurance premiums in EUR (including 8.5% DPZP)

 Age group

1 to 15 years


9,90 13,46
16 to 25 years


11,53 15,97
26 to 35 years


12,20  15,99 

36 to 45 years

11,92 14,81 20,65

46 to 55 years

13,07 19,52 27,63

56 to 65 years

15,28 22,79 30,30

66 to 75 years

17,79 25,75 33,26

In the case of transitions between age groups (transition to a higher age class), the amount of the insurance premium is adjusted to the then valid insurance premium for an individual age group.

Payment of the insurance premium is made via direct debit of the personal account opened with SKB bank.

Frequently asked questions

Who can take out insurance Specialists with assistance?

Persons from the age of 1 to 70 can be insured.

How long is the insurance Specialists with assistance valid?

The insurance is valid for one year with the possibility of extension until revoked or until the age of 75.

When does insurance Specialists with assistance come into force?

At the time of taking out insurance, the waiting period is three months, except in the case of treatment of the consequences of an accident. The entry into force of the additional coverage of Halo Doktor is the day after the signing of the offer.

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