SKB Bank’s clients can take out or extend their insurance without visiting the outlet.

I would like to take out the insurance remotely

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Bonus freeze

for premium class 4 (or lower) holders with AO insurance.


5% discount

if you’re accident-free and if you pay your annual premium immediately when due.

Option of refund

of 10% of the paid Casco premium

if you did not report any damage after the end of the insurance period.


In addition to Third-Party Liability Car Insurance (AO), which is mandatory, you can take out additional insurances: Car Driver Insurance (AO-plus), Full Casco Car Insurance or various combos of Partial Casco Car Insurance


Valid for AO and AO-plus insurance, if you are already a premium class 4, 3, 2, 1 or 0 holder and are accident-free during the past 2-5-year period. Bonus freeze allows you to keep your bonus on your insurance policy in the event of a car accident.


All drivers of passenger cars who have not reported any damage under AO and AO-plus insurance in the last two consecutive years, receive a 5% discount on Third-Party Liability Car Insurance (AO) and Car Driver Insurance (AO-plus), when taking out a new car insurance or renewing their old insurance with Generali Insurance.


Generali Insurance will refund you 10% of the paid annual premium, if after the expiry of the insurance period you did not report damage under a Casco product (full and/or partial Casco).


Get up to 20% discount when purchasing a Casco car insurance, based on how long you’ve had your B category driving license.


If you also take out AO-plus insurance when you purchase AO insurance, you can receive a package discount of up to 10%. Take out a Casco car insurance (full or partial combos) and get a package discount of up to 18% for any insurance you’ve already purchased (for yourself or for your loved ones) with Generali.

Take out your car insurance remotely

Let us know what your wishes are regarding insurance.

I would like to take out insurance remotely

We will prepare an informative calculation and coordinate it with you.
After the confirmation, we will send you the documentation and payment order,
which you can pay via SKB NET online bank or MOJ@SKB mobile bank. 

This way, your insurance is concluded!

With the insurance policy and corresponding documentation which we will send you via mail,
you are ready for the vehicle registration.


Third-Party Liability Car Insurance (AO)

The insurance is intended for all owners of motor vehicles. The Compulsory Insurance Act requires that insurance be concluded for all vehicles involved in road traffic.

The insurance covers material and non-material damages caused by the insured to third parties during the operation of the vehicle or due to the possession of the vehicle itself.

With this insurance, your financial security is guaranteed, because any damage you may cause will not be covered by your own funds.

Car Driver Insurance (AO-plus)

The insurance is intended for all owners of motor vehicles who take out a Third-Party Liability Car Insurance. With AO-plus, you get the right to compensation for any personal injury you suffer as the person causing a traffic accident.

With AO-plus, you can avoid the risk of financial ruin due to injury, medical treatment costs and possible loss of income. 

Should you suffer a fatal accident, your relatives will receive insurance benefits in the amount of non-material damages as provided by the law, as well as compensation for funeral expenses in the amount of 3,550 EUR.


Full Casco Car Insurance

The insurance is intended for all owners of motor vehicles who estimate that the value of the vehicle is greater than the cost that they would be able or willing to cover in the event of a traffic accident.

The insurance covers most of the damage that occurs on the vehicle for reasons that are beyond the driver's control, regardless of whether the damage occurs while the vehicle is being driven or when it is not in motion. Full Casco Car Insurance differs from Third-Party Liability Car Insurance in that it covers the damage caused on the insured's vehicle and not the damage caused to third parties.

With this insurance, your financial security is guaranteed, because any damage your vehicle may suffer in a traffic accident will not be covered by your own funds. You are also protected from any costs arising from damages caused on your vehicle by vandals, extreme weather, natural disasters and other exceptional events.

Partial Casco Car Insurance

The insurance is intended for vehicle owners who estimate that because of the low value of the vehicle, a Full Casco Car Insurance would not be cost effective, as well as for vehicle owners who want an even greater degree of safety from risks to which the vehicle is particularly exposed, because of the high value of the vehicle,

The coverage offered by each combination is essentially equivalent to the coverage that is included in the Full Casco Car Insurance. Partial Casco Car Insurance can be combined with Third-Party Liability Car Insurance (AO) or Full Casco Car Insurance.

When you take out insurance, you can choose between different coverage levels to tailor your insurance to suit your needs even further.


Roadside Assistance

The insurance is intended for those who are stipulating a basic or Casco Car Insurance.

With this insurance, you will be covered, in case your vehicle needs repairs or towing, once it is no longer safe to be driven. Also included are the costs of alternative transportation and a replacement vehicle when needed.

Legal Protection

The insurance is intended for those who are stipulating a basic or Casco Car Insurance.

This insurance covers the costs of legal defence, if a criminal or administrative-criminal procedure is issued against the policyholder as a result of a traffic accident. The insurance also covers the costs of pursuing compensation claims for damages in connection with a traffic accident and the costs of defence against compensation claims for damages from third parties.

Passenger Accident Insurance Coverage

The insurance is intended for those who are stipulating a basic or Casco Car Insurance.

This insurance provides compensation in the event of death or linear disability for all passengers present in the vehicle at the time of an accident.


Additional information and informative calculation

If you require additional information and an informative calculation, contact your individual relationship officer or dial (01) 471 55 55.

Make an appointment with an individual relationship officer

Your individual relationship officer will wait for you in the outlet on the agreed upon date and time. 
With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

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Frequently asked questions

To make changes to the policy, use a request for simple changes to the CAR INSURANCE, and in case of termination of the insurance, send an agreement to terminate the car insurance contract to the Generali insurance company.

Any damage that falls under Casco Car Insurance must be immediately notified to the police, with a full account of the items that were destroyed or damaged or that are missing. The person filing a claim must also observe the other provisions set out in the insurance conditions:  

  • you must immediately do everything in your power to prevent further damage from occurring, following the instructions of the insurance company;
  • you must notify the insurance company not later than three days from the day you find out about the insurance case. If the notification has not been made in writing, you must confirm it by filing a written report within the next three days, giving a full account of the items that were destroyed or damaged or that are missing and their approximate value;
  • the condition of the items that were destroyed or damaged must be left unchanged, until they have been inspected by a representative of the insurance company, unless a change is necessary in the public interest or to minimize the damage;
  • when making a written report for an insurance case, you must also submit the insurance policy that you received on the basis of the concluded insurance contract.

If there is only material damage to the vehicle, there is no need to call the police. However, it is very important that the driver and passenger fill out a European Accident Statement, indicating also the insurance policy number and sign it. In case of serious damage or personal injury to a person involved in an accident, call the police and fill out a European Accident Statement. Report the damage event to the insurance company within three business days.

No, payment in installments is only possible via direct debit of your personal bank account. For mandatory car insurance, we offer the possibility of paying in up to 7 installments and Casco car insurance up to 9 installments. The number of installments depends on the amount of insurance and the amount of the premium payable.

Yes, if you change your insurer for GENERALI, you are entitled to the bonuses offered by GENERALI d.d., according to any bonuses that you had with your previous insurer.

Yes, the bonus holder can transfer the entire bonus to a partner or spouse by completing a statement transferring the right to use the car insurance bonus to them.  

To stipulate a car insurance policy with the Generali insurance company, you will need the following:

  • identity document and tax ID;
  • previous original insurance policy (if you are renewing your insurance);
  • invoice, pro forma invoice or sales contract for the vehicle (if new insurance).
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What is the impact of saving in funds on social transfers?

We often hear excuses from young parents that they don’t save because their savings would push them into a higher income class and they would receive a lower child allowance per month as a result. The reason for the decision against saving is generally unfounded because such savings are taken into account only in the form of fictitious interest.


Where can I get help and additional information?

Information on the possibilities of saving in funds can be obtained at the SKB Bank outlet or by calling the Call Centre at 01 471 55 55, where you will arrange an appointment in the selected outlet.


How do I start saving in AMUNDI or MOOREA funds?

Would you like to start saving in funds but don't know how?


Why choose saving under the Moorea Fund savings plan?

The Moorea Fund savings plan is concluded for a period of 5 years with automatic renewal for the same period.

Investments under the Moorea Fund savings plan are available at no entry or exit loads.

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Tina J.

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Ivona K.

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Ivona K.

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