Take advantage of special offer of consumer loans.


Check the information on the merger of SKB Bank and Nova KBM.

Interest rate decreases

with the amount of the borrowed credit and not with the repayment period.


No approval fee

when renting a loan.


Same conditions

for clients of all banks.


Check the loan conditions and let us know about your wishes and needs. We will do our best to satisfy your wishes.

8.000 EUR loan

for as low as

190,09 EUR per month

Fixed interest rate: 6,60 %
Repayment period: 48 mesecev
Details of the calculation

20.000 EUR loan

for as low as

309,64 EUR per month

Variable interest rate: 3,50 %
Repayment period: 82 mesecev
Details of the calculation


Some wish one thing, others dream of another. A consumer loan is the deed that can get you anything you need.


Pay off the old one with a new loan or combine several loans (rented from SKB banka or other banks) into one.


Repayment period up to 82 months with fixed or variable interest rate, with direct debit via SKB personal account on the 8th, 18th, 28th or the last day of the month with income to SKB account.


  • a possibility of no insurance,
  • insurance with a guarantor,
  • insurance with a mortgage.


A consumer loan can be used for anything, from buying things, home or car repairs, travelling or holidays to everything your heart desires.

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Your individual relationship officer will wait for you in the outlet on the agreed upon date and time. 
With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

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Frequently asked questions

Clients who receive their income on a bank account held with SKB can be granted a cash loan of up to a limited amount and a limited maturity, without additional collateral, subject to a decision by the Bank’s outlet that approves the loan. The decision depends on the client's credit rating and the type and amount of the loan. 

Other possible insurance options are:

  • a creditworthy guarantor,
  • a mortgage or
  • a term deposit.

You may pay off the full amount of your loan or part of your loan early at any time after the start of the loan repayment period. The early loan repayment penalty is determined by the Slovenian Consumer Credit Act (Zakon o potrošniških kreditih). Early loan repayment is currently free for all variable rate loans and all repayments done within one year up to the amount of 10,000 EUR.
If you opt for early partial loan repayment, you have to decide between a shorter remaining repayment period or smaller installments.

Your creditworthiness varies depending on the type of loan, insurance, and on your personal income.
Once you have been granted a loan, your income must remain within the limits set by the Slovenian Claim Enforcement and Security Act (Zakon o izvršbi in zavarovanju). Your debt-to-income ratio must remain in the 33% to 50% range.

Bank customers who have been receiving income into a personal account with SKB for three months or longer can apply for a loan of up to two years by filling out a loan approval application, which can also be submitted through SKB NET. Longer term loans require a salary verification letter issued by the employer.
Customers who do not receive income on an SKB account must also attach an administrative prohibition of payments (2 copies), also certified by the employer, and a certificate from their parent bank on account transactions for the last 6 months.
Pensioners must submit their last two ZPIZ (Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia) statements in lieu of an employer-issued salary verification letter.

Residents (citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and foreign citizens). Non-residents (foreigners with a work or residence visa for at least 6 months) can only take out a loan, of they also take out a special insurance.

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SKB bank

  • Excells in safety, stability and reliability in Slovene banking space.
  • Part of OTP Group, one of the biggest and most stable financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Trusted by more than 200.000 clients.

What do our clients say about us?

Tina J.
Tina J.

SKB bank keeps pace with the trends. It provides its users with online and mobile banking which makes our business easier and also simplifies dealing with our personal account, while paying invoices is quick and easy. Employees in bank branches are nice, helpful and willing to solve every issue.

Tina J.
Ivona K.
Ivona K.

I have been a satisfied client since 2003. What I like most are personal approach and responsiveness – my individual relationship officer instantly finds a favourable solution for each of my financial challenges. I would also like to point out the mobile bank; these days I could not imagine my everyday life without it.

Ivona K.

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