Free of charge cash withdrawals at OTP ATMs

Clients of SKB Bank and Nova KBM can withdraw cash free of charge at OTP ATMs in as many as ten countries

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For the fifth year, the SKB brand has been awarded the Superbrands Slovenia title

05. 03. 2024

This year again, for the fifth year in a row, the SKB brand is the recipient of the title Superbrands 2024 in Slovenia!

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Free cash withdrawals at over 4700 OTP ATMs in ten countries for customers of SKB banka and Nova KBM

29. 01. 2024

From now on, customers of SKB Banka and Nova KBM, both members of the OTP Group, can use their Visa personal debit card to withdraw cash completely free of charge also at the ATMs of the members of the OTP Group in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania , Bulgaria, Ukraine, Albania and Moldova.

Awards, Corporate finances, Personal finances

SKB Bank for the twelfth time with the title "Bank of the Year in Slovenia"

01. 12. 2023

The Banker professional magazine recognized SKB Bank as the best bank in Slovenia for the twelfth time and this year again awarded the Bank the title "Bank of the year 2023 in Slovenia".

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