Invest in your future

With monthly investments to long-term results in the Moorea Fund sub-funds.

Starting from 30 EUR/month.


By using MOJ@SKB mobile bank, SKB NET online bank and ATM network,
you can arrange all your financial needs from the comfort of your home.

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Novelties in SKB NET internet banking

12. 09. 2019

We upgraded SKB NET internet banking with new safety functionalities.

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Novelties in SKB NET mobile banking

12. 09. 2019

We upgraded MOJ@SKB mobile banking on mobile devices with Android operating system with new safety functionalities.

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We add value to your future

16. 05. 2019

Invest in your future and decide on saving in mixed sub-funds Moorea Fund!

Moorea Fund sub-funds are new to the Slovenian market and beside one-time pay-ins to chosen sub-fund enable also regular monthly pay-ins within a Savings plan. 

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Internal payments 24/7

23. 04. 2019

Now you can make internal payments between SKB bank accounts any time of day, all year round.


The future is moving forward – personal sponsorship of the athlete Maruša Mišmaš

18. 04. 2019

Maruša Mišmaš is the best Slovenian athlete in middle-distance running. She holds national records in 2.000 and 3.000 steeplechase, the latter being her best event. 

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Use of programmes and applications that are not part of SKB bank

27. 03. 2019

SKB bank cannot influence or make sure the smooth running of applications of other providers, which are not part of SKB bank and do not cooperate with the bank. In such cases, please refer to the provider of the troubleshooting application.