Legal notices

SKB banka d.d. Ljubljana
Head office: Ajdovščina 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Registration number at Ljubljana District Court: 061/10148300
VAT identification number: SI40502368
ID number: 5026237

SKB banka d.d. Ljubljana (hereinafter referred to as: SKB d.d.) aims to provide accurate and current data published on this website and holds the right to change its content at any time and without prior notice. However, the bank cannot ensure the completeness of data and that they will not be changed by third parties (in case of intrusion or virus). SKB d.d. is not held responsible (directly or indirectly) for any delays, errors or inconsistencies in the content of this website or its usage as well as interruption or unavailability of service. The content of the website serves informative purposes, therefore it is necessary to consult a bank officer prior to forming / accepting any decisions. The content of the website in English also serves informative purposes only and informatively summarizes the content of the Slovenian website, therefore the websites may differ. Please, check the offer on products and services in an SKB outlet. 

Therefore, SKB d.d. does not assume responsibility for any indirect damages and also but not solely for losses resulting from transactions carried out based on these data, loss of profit, loss of businesses, losses that result from interrupted services, increases in access costs and data processing. SKB d.d. is furthermore not held responsible for elements out of its control or for any damage that may occur due to user's technical environment, especially hardware, software and network equipment (modems, telephones, ...) and all tools used for accessing the website or usage of service and/or data. SKB d.d. does not ensure and is under no circumstances held responsible for adequacy, consequences, accuracy, absence of error, reality, currency, reliability and commercial nature, quality, precision, genuineness or availability and accessibility of data on this website.

Any attempt of unauthorised change, deletion, damage or causing uselessness of data on the website as well as any attempt of unauthorised access to any other content in the SKB d.d.'s information system is punishable.

You are obliged to access and use the data on this website solely for your personal and non-commercial use.

Any provided information on an individual financial instrument or a group of financial instruments (stocks, investment funds prices, etc.) are merely guidelines, even when they are prepared based on reliable sources. This information also does not represent the offer of SKB d.d. for purchasing, selling or ordering financial services (especially bank and insurance products) or a request for an offer to purchase or sale of securities or other investment products. 

SKB d.d. does not assume responsibility for any use of information from this website and consequences that may result from it, especially not in case of any decisions or actions, carried out based on this information. In accordance with the above, you and you alone are responsible for the usage of the information and everything resulting from it. It is also your responsibility to check all information received on the internet. 

Any guarantee by SKB d.d. on adequacy of service or data for fulfilling certain purpose, connected to commercial usage, any valid contracts, market value or adequacy is excluded. You are familiar with the fact, that the usage and interpretation of information requires specific and in-depth knowledge of financial markets. If you are interested in any offered product or service, please turn to SKB d.d. for all information on availability, contract requirements, terms and conditions and prices. Access to products and service on this website may be restricted only to certain persons or individual countries.

SKB d.d. approves products in accordance with the Bank's business policy. This applies also to direct marketing of products and services through various communication channels, which does not yet represent a binding offer for the Bank. The Bank may refuse to the customer the approval of a product or service presented in direct marketing, based on the data required for the approval of a product or service, without particular explanation. The Bank will take into account the approval conditions of a product or service on the day of conclusion of the product and not on the day of sending a product or service presented in direct marketing.


The website is made in accordance with existing Slovenian and international legislation on copyrights, brands and intellectual property in general, concerning form (selection, planning, theme layout, tools for accessing data, data organisation, etc.) and content (texts, images, etc.). Contents of this website are exclusive property of SKB d.d. You are obliged not to use these contents for illegal purposes and will not let others to do so.

As an exception, some content (texts, images) may be the property of their individual authors.
Any reproduction, representation, distribution or redistribution of content from this website partially or in whole in any media or in any way (including, but not restricted to caching and framing) or any sale, resale, repeated forwarding or any action that may make this content available to third parties is forbidden. If you ignore these restrictions, you may be civilly or criminally liable.


SKB d.d. is not responsible for hyperlinks to other websites and especially not for the contents of linked websites. SKB d.d. is also not responsible for hyperlinks to this website; it is not allowed to create such links without prior explicit permission of SKB d.d.

Personal data protection

SKB banka stands for high standards in information security, privacy and transparency. Personal data are processed in accordance with existing legislation. The bank operates in compliance with all regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation that has been in use since 25 May 2018. The administrator of personal data is SKB banka d.d. Ljubljana, Ajdovščina 4, 1000 Ljubljana.

Contact information of the authorised person for personal data protection at SKB:
SKB d.d.

Officer for the protection of personal data (Pooblaščenec za varstvo osebnih podatkov)
Ajdovščina 4, 1000 Ljubljana

To this purpose, SKB prepared the General information on personal data protection (PDF).

Video presentation of the Bank Association of Slovenia General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).