Moorea Fund

Invest in your future with monthly payments.

Find out which of the funds are the best fit for your investor profile.

Simplicity and transparency

3 Mixed Sub-Funds

with different levels of risk: conservative, balanced, and dynamic portfolio.

Special offer

No entry costs for saving in a savings plan

for SKB clients.

Investment opportunities

The minimum amount is 30 EUR

with a savings plan or one-time payment.


A thorough and comprehensive diversification of your investments managed by competent professionals.

Payment method

With a savings plan (a minimum of 30 EUR per month) or with one-time payments.

The Management company

  • Société Générale Private Wealth Management manages around 2 billion EUR assets under the Moorea Fund (April 2019).
  • The Moorea Fund umbrella fund is registered for marketing and advertising in 9 European countries (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Germany, Monaco, Czech Republic and Slovenia).

Global diversification of investments

Moorea Fund sub-funds portfolios are actively managed and provide exposure to debt and equity financial instruments, alternative investments and cash through investments in the form of mutual funds or ETFs.

Guaranteed daily liquidity

You can opt to withdraw a portion of your assets or all of your assets in Moorea Fund sub-funds at any time.

Entering the fund

Sign up at one of SKB's outlets. All you’ll need is:

  • an identity document,
  • your tax number,
  • a personal account with SKB

Investment objective

The fund seeks to provide investors a medium-term growth with a diversified global portfolio of investments in the form of mutual funds or ETFs.


Global Conservative Allocation Portfolio

Global Balanced Allocation Portfolio

Global Growth Allocation Portfolio


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Recommended duration of the investment

3 to 5 years

3 to 5 years

5 to 7 years

The lowest amount of a purchase order in the currency of the fund

30 EUR

30 EUR

30 EUR

Portfolio composition


Make an appointment with an individual relationship officer

Your individual relationship officer will wait for you in the outlet on the agreed upon date and time. 
With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

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Frequently asked questions

Regular monthly investments ensure that the investor, on average, does not only buy when the average exchange rates are high, but also during periods of falling rates and capital crises, that is, when the average exchange rates are low. In this way, the investor builds an average price, using the average purchase cost method, which in the long run enables them to achieve the average long-term return of the chosen investment.

The investor shall not be charged entry or exit fees in connection with the savings plan.

A savings period under an individual savings plan is 60 months and it is automatically extended for the same period if the investor does not withdraw from the savings plan by signing and submitting to the Bank a request for withdrawal from the savings plan (on the Bank's form), which also contains a withdrawal of the consent for internal direct debit, or if for any reason the investor does not close their personal account with SKB.

An investor can join a savings plan by signing an application form for a savings plan and a consent for internal direct debit of the personal account. By investing in a savings plan, the investor makes monthly payments (placing orders for the purchase of shares of the selected Moorea Fund Sub-Fund) via internal direct debit of individual orders in the minimum amount of 30 EUR.

A savings plan is a form of periodic monthly savings that an investor can join on the basis of an application form for a selected Moorea Fund Sub-Fund, which includes the investor's written consent to the Bank to debit the investor's personal account directly.

An investment fund is a collective investment undertaking with the sole object of raising capital from investors and investing them, in compliance with an agreed investment policy, in different kinds of investments for the sole benefit of the unit-holders of such an investment fund.

An umbrella fund is a mutual fund made up of two or more sub-funds that are defined as separate assets, with each sub-fund defined by a specific investment objective and investment policy.

A sub-fund of an umbrella fund is a separate asset owned by the holders of the sub-fund investment coupons (investors), divided into units whose value, at the investor's request, is payable from that asset. The assets of each sub-fund are divided into units. The management company issues coupons relating to one or several units or part of a unit of a sub-fund’s assets.

The investor receives a Key Investor Information Document (KIID) before investing in a sub-fund. The investor can also receive a free copy of the sub-fund's prospectus, the umbrella fund’s prospectus with the management rules included, and the latest published annual and semi-annual report, upon request.

Each sub-fund that is part of an umbrella fund has an investment policy in its prospectus, which also includes management rules. The policy defines the types of financial instruments into which the fund's assets may be invested and sets the limits to individual investments specific to each sub-fund.

No, past returns do not guarantee future returns, which is why fund investors should not rely too much on past performance data when assessing the funds’ future performance.

A sub-fund's assets consist of different financial instruments from different issuers, and the diversification of these investments provides investors with a high level of investment security, since the impact of one non-performing investment on the sub-fund's assets is limited. The operations of fund management companies are monitored by the Securities Market Agency, the mutual fund custodian bank and independent auditors, ensuring a high level of security.

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Sub-funds and price list

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When does it make sense to start saving? Why are funds a good form of saving?

You can expect the most from saving for distant goals if you save regularly and start saving as soon as possible. Before you start saving, it is crucial that you set goals, expectations, and time horizons for saving.


What is a savings plan?

A savings plan is a form of regular periodic (e.g. monthly) savings. It is especially suitable for investors who do not yet have a large amount of financial savings, and those who wish to gradually save in selected funds.

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