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SKB Trader features

The free online SKB Trader application enables you to buy and sell foreign exchange and to monitor their exchange rates in real time.


The application is intended for corporate clients of SKB Bank. All transactions concluded via SKB Trader are settled through the company's transaction account opened with SKB Bank.

Major foreign currencies

The SKB Trader application supports following currencies: AUD (the Australian dollar), CAD (the Canadian dollar), CHF (the Swiss franc), CZK (the Czech koruna), DKK (the Danish krone), GBP (the British pound), HUF (the Hungarian forint), JPY (the Japanese yen), NOK (the Norwegian krone), PLN (the Polish zloty), RON (the new Romanian leu), RSD (the Serbian dinar), RUB (the Russian ruble), SEK (the Swedish krona), TRY (the Turkish lira) and USD (the United States dollar).


The purchase or sale of foreign exchange takes place in real time and instantly, without the intervention of SKB Bank. The application enables a review of all transactions concluded via SKB Trader and monitoring of exchange rates in real time.


You can access the application from any device that has access to the Internet.


SKB Bank respects strict security and confidentiality of personal data. The access to SKB Trader is protected by a password.


We will call you and arrange the collection of documentation with you.

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Frequently asked questions

Although the bank will try to eliminate any malfunction of the SKB Trader application that may occur due to regular maintenance of the service or any technical problems as soon as possible, it may happen that a customer is temporarily partially or completely unable to use the service. In such a case, you can always call us at (01) 471 50 94 and conclude the desired transaction over the phone (the conversation will be recorded for this purpose).

The use of the SKB Trade application is safe. It uses a technological solution that enables a secure connection between the customer and the bank while taking into account all standards of secure communication for commercial purposes.

You can also take care of security yourself by handling the access data (username and password) carefully, protecting them from unwanted access or insight by unauthorised persons, and changing the password regularly and periodically in accordance with the recommendations for creating a password.

A counter transaction is a transaction in the opposite direction of the same currency pair in the same amount (for example, if the initial transaction was the purchase of 100,000 USD and the sale of the EUR equivalent, the counterpart transaction means the purchase of EUR and the sale of 100,000 USD). A counterpart foreign exchange transaction is usually concluded when you want to partially or fully close an unwanted foreign exchange position that has resulted by executing a wrong transaction.

By clicking the selected exchange rate in the SKB Trader application, the purchase or sale of foreign exchange is executed instantly. Because of that an unintentional error can quickly occur.

Although a concluded foreign exchange transaction, once executed, cannot be cancelled or changed, you can always conclude a counter transaction thus closing the unwanted foreign exchange position which has resulted from the wrong transaction.

Yes, it is. One legal entity can have several users, each of whom will receive a username and password. However, the company assumes full responsibility for all liabilities and any damage caused to the company or the bank due to any abuse of access data resulting from gross negligence. Any login to the service by using the correct access data is considered to have been fully authorised by the company.

To access the application, fill out the form or contact us at (01) 471 50 94 or

After signing a relevant documentation, you will receive a username and initial password for access, which you will need to change upon the first registration (and then every 3 months). We suggest that you also read carefully the general terms and conditions available on this website.

In the case of a higher transaction amount that exceeds the contractually determined amount by the bank, the purchase or sale of foreign exchange via the SKB Trader application is not carried out by clicking on the selected exchange rate, but the request for quote (RFQ) is sent via the application directly to the bank, which quotes you an individually determined exchange rate for such a transaction.

There is no upper limit on the amount, in the case of an amount of the foreign exchange transaction that exceeds the contractually determined amount by the bank, the conclusion is made according to a request for quote (RFQ). In any case, before concluding a foreign exchange transaction via the SKB Trader application, you must ensure the necessary funds in your account to cover such a transaction.

The minimum amount for concluding an individual transaction is limited to the countervalue of 1,000.00 EUR.

Via the SKB Trader application, you are able to trade all major global and regional currencies that are also published in the SKB Bank exchange rate list. Conclusion of transactions is possible against EUR or USD.

SKB Trader is user-friendly and relatively easy to use. You can purchase or sell foreign exchange in a few seconds by clicking on the selected exchange rate.

The user manual is also available in the application and you can always contact customer support at (01) 471 50 94 or for help.

You can access the SKB Trader application from any electronic device (tablet, computer, mobile phone) that has access to the Internet and you do not need any additional software for it.

The supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

SKB Trader cannot be used by natural persons. At this time, SKB Trader is intended exclusively for corporate clients.

The SKB Trader application is intended for corporate clients that have a business account with SKB Bank.

SKB Trader is a free online application that enables registered customers to review the movement of selected foreign exchange rates in real time and to directly conclude foreign exchange transactions online in an advanced, professional and efficient manner.

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