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No approval fee

when taking out a loan.


Comprehensive service

for the most favorable credit option.


inflows to a personal account

We also take into account other inflows (transportation, lunch, holiday pay, Christmas bonus...) not only net salary or pension.*


Check the loan conditions and let us know about your wishes and needs. We will do our best to satisfy your wishes.

50.000 EUR loan

for as low as

362,37 EUR per month

Fixed interest rate: 3,70 %
Repayment period: 180 mesecev
Details of the calculation

100.000 EUR loan

for as low as

533,37 EUR per month

Fixed interest rate: 4,10 %
Repayment period: 300 mesecev
Details of the calculation


Everyone has their own wishes and needs. We will help you to realize them by adjusting your loan and insurance to suit you. For a carefree and peaceful sleep.


up to 360 months with a variable interest rate and up to 300 months with a fixed one.


with direct debit via SKB personal account on the 8th, 18th, or 28th day of the month, if you receive income to SKB.


  • with a real estate in Slovenia;
  • up to a limited amount up to a maximum of 20 years through an insurance company;
  • with creditworthy guarantors for a maximum of 15 years.


  • purchase, construction, renovation of a house, apartment, holiday home, garage,
  • payment of an inheritance share or payment to the spouse upon divorce,
  • repayment (refinancing) of another housing loan,
  • developing land and acquisition of approvals,
  • other purposes which increase the value of real estate.


Assure additional insurance in case of unforeseen events:

  • life insurance of the borrower,
  • real estate insurance.


  • monthly cost of loan management,
  • the cost of the insurance premium (in case of insurance through an insurance company),
  • real estate appraisal costs.

​Comparison of loans

​Add the loans which you would like to compare. The comparison enables a quick overview of key characteristics.




We help you from idea to purchase

A consultant who will guide you through the process of acquiring documentation and loan approval will answer all your questions, acquaint you with the process and inform you on individual steps.

You need to feel relaxed and confident during the process of buying a property and acquiring a loan. Our consultant will guide you through the process of acquiring documentation, loan approval and disbursement. They will acquaint you and inform you about individual steps and answer your questions.

Before buying real estate, ask your individual relationship officer what kind of sales documentation the bank requires. Thus your application will be complete and real estate purchase safe.

An individual relationship officer will help you find the financing method that will be most suitable for you. They will provide you with an informative calculation and a repayment plan.

Appraisal of the property you are buying is usually mandatory. It is performed by the bank's appraiser before the submission of a loan application, as the appraisal is an integral part of the documentation.

The loan application must include all required documents. These are proof of creditworthiness, dedicated documentation (purchase agreement, building permit, invoices ...) and documents that the bank requests for the establishment of loan insurance (appraisal, guarantee statements ...).

After signing a contract with the bank, a notary record is required in the case of mortgage insurance, and the notary also provides for the proposal for lien entry.

The whole process ends with a deposit of the purchase price for your new property. Thus our work is done, and you can begin to realize your dreams. 


Do you need more information? We have prepared a manual for you:


Make an appointment with an individual relationship officer

Your individual relationship officer will wait for you in the outlet on the agreed upon date and time. 
With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

Make an appointment or Send an inquiry

Frequently asked questions

You may pay off the full amount of your loan or part of your loan early at any time after the start of the loan repayment period. The early loan repayment penalty is determined by the Slovenian Consumer Credit Act (Zakon o potrošniških kreditih). Early loan repayment is currently free for all variable rate loans and all repayments done with a fixed interest rate within one year up to the amount of EUR 10,000.

At SKB, we believe in individual customer treatment and a personal approach. That is why we recommend that you arrange a meeting with an individual relationship officer. They will work with you to find the most advantageous loan terms.

Read more here.

  • monthly cost of loan management,
  • credit insurance cost:
    • insurance company: insurance premium
    • mortgage: property appraisal costs, property insurance costs and assignment of insurance certificate (written obligation of the insurer to notify the assignee before paying the compensation in case of an insured event), notary costs for a notarial record of the agreement or concluding an agreement with a notary, the cost of drafting a land registry proposal, court fees for registering a lien in the land register.


The Bank calculates the monthly loan installment from the loan amount drawn. The amount of the installments is adjusted twice a year during the loan repayment period (March and September), depending on the installment due date (8th, 18th, 28th or last day of the month). A new installment is due in the next accounting period. The calculation takes into account the outstanding principal amount, the remaining repayment period and the applicable interest rate.

If you have taken out a fixed rate loan, the interest rate remains unchanged for the entire repayment period.

In the case of a variable rate loan consisting of a reference rate and a fixed mark-up, changes in the reference rate cause the total interest rate to fluctuate during the term of the loan.

The primary purpose of a mortgage is to assure the repayment of a specific debt via the sale of the property and repay the creditor (e.g. a bank) with the proceeds of the sale, if the borrower fails to fulfill his or her obligations at maturity. If the borrower fails to fulfill his or her contractual obligations regularly or in full, the Bank shall comply with the Bank's Policy for Managing Late Real Estate Loan Repayments. Without any additional insurance, late loan repayments might result in your family losing their home.  To avoid unexpected events that could make it difficult to repay a loan, such as the borrower’s death or loss of employment, we recommend that you take out additional insurance: insurance of liabilities in case of the borrower’s death and/or insurance for the case of the borrower’s unemployment.

A real estate loan is any consumer loan:

  • the repayment of the loan is secured by a mortgage on immovable property or
  • the purpose of the loan is to obtain or retain ownership of the real estate.

Intercalary interest is the contractual interest that is accounted and collected only for the loan utilization period. The Bank begins to calculate interest on the day the loan is first utilized, until the loan is repaid.

The deadline for the utilization or drawdown of the loan, which is set by the Bank, may not exceed 2 months. In the following month after the end of the term for the utilization of the loan, the borrower begins to repay the loan in regular monthly installments.

Intercalary interest shall be paid in full and in a lump sum, due on the fifteenth day after the transfer of the loan for repayment. The borrower receives a notice with the amount and calculation of intercalary interest by mail at least 8 days before the payment due date.

A fixed interest rates does not imply a fixed installment amount. Fixed-rate loans can therefore come with variable installments.

The monthly installment amount is calculated using a linear interest factor that takes into account the ideal number of day in a month - the same number of days in a month - and ideal loan repayment conditions. A change in the installment amount may be due to a change in the loan use and repayment dynamics, compared to the dynamics taken into account in the informative calculation of the installment amount, as well as due to accounting for the actual number of days in the calculation of interest.

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Tina J.
Tina J.

SKB bank keeps pace with the trends. It provides its users with online and mobile banking which makes our business easier and also simplifies dealing with our personal account, while paying invoices is quick and easy. Employees in bank branches are nice, helpful and willing to solve every issue.

Tina J.
Ivona K.
Ivona K.

I have been a satisfied client since 2003. What I like most are personal approach and responsiveness – my individual relationship officer instantly finds a favourable solution for each of my financial challenges. I would also like to point out the mobile bank; these days I could not imagine my everyday life without it.

Ivona K.

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