Trade finance

Insurance of individuals who are of key importance for your company’s operations.

Directly enforceable collateral

Instrument of payment insurance, accepted in the Act on prevention of late payments.

  • quick and simple debt repayment
  • directly enforceable collateral retention until full payment
  • prohibition on disposition of funds

Documentary letter of credit

Decrease business risks in international operations.

  • decrease of risk of default in international operations
  • possibility of choosing among various types of documentary letters of credit in accordance with the type of management


Independent and irrevocable obligation of guarantor bank to pay guaranteed amount.

  • reliable insurance instrument that enables insurance against the risk of non-fulfillment or partial fulfillment of contract obligations
  • possibility of liquidation at first written appeal when fulfilling the conditions in the guarantee
  • growing trust of business partners
  • possibility of choosing different types of service and payment guarantees

Documentary collection

Payment instrument that provides greater payment security than remittance.

  • safer than bank transfer
  • the seller guarantees payment - bank hands the documents only upon bill acceptance or immediate payment
  • the buyer has a guaranteed delivery of required goods with contract provisions
  • documentary collection ensures timely consistency between payment and shipping of goods