Safe in any case and in any situation.
You and your property.

Specialists with assistance

Quick access to diagnosis and treatment.

  • quick access to specialist examinations, diagnostic tests, psychological help, selected surgeries and physiotherapy
  • access to the second opinion of recognized doctors
  • remote video consultation with a doctor 
  • avoid long waiting queues


For unexpected events during a trip abroad.

  • luggage insurance
  • covers the costs of health services abroad
  • covers the costs of search and rescue
  • accident insurance
  • trip cancellation costs insurance
15% discount when you take out life insurance at the same time


Make sure you can count on getting the help you need if you have an accident.

  • accidental disability - with progressive disability scale of 540%
  • treatment costs and rescue costs
  • accident annuity
  • compensation for pain
  • compensation for surgery
  • accident annuity

Are you a card holder?

If you are currently a Visa Platinum or Bussines Visa credit card holder you are automatically registered for the following insurances:

  • higher sums insured
  • innovative insurance packages
  • additional security for SKB business and Visa Platinum payment card holders
  • free accidental death insurance
  • medical assistance abroad for all card holders

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Card Insurance Plus

Card Insurance Plus is intended for all card holders and their authorized persons on the SKB personal account, who are at least 15 years of age and have a permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia.

  • includes insurance in case of misuse of lost or stolen SKB payment and credit cards
  • personal items (keys, personal documents, handbag, wallet, mobile phone and tablet) are also insured.
  • low price considering the scope of the coverage
  • the insurance is valid in Slovenia and abroad


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