Long-term loans with favourable interest rates.


Purpose disbursement

for fixed assets or Long-term current assets.

Choice of interest rate

Fixed or variable

interest rate, depending on the type of the loan.

Possibilities of tender

Possibilities of financing

Of small entities/businesses through financial support.


Long-term loans enable you to expand your existing business, grow and gain competitive strength.

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Your relationship officer will wait for you in the outlet on the agreed upon date and time. 
With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the conditions for the purpose of the loan?

You need to have a transaction account opened with SKB through which you will execute at least 50 % of the company's payment transactions; for newly approved loans and repayment of loans taken out with other banks; the offer applies to new and existing SKB clients.

The role of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)

The Council of Europe Development Bank’s mandate is based on a balance between the need for profitability, which guarantees the financial independence of the Bank and its social vocation. The Bank grants loans to member states, local communities and financial entities. Since it does not receive any annual contributions from its member states, the Bank raises its resources through paid-in capital and reserves, and through the funds it obtains in the financial markets. Its foresight in financial markets has earned the Bank a good rating (rated by the three largest and most reputable rating agencies). It enjoys an AAA rating from Moody's Investors Service and an AA + rating from Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings. As a result, it is able borrow funds on favorable terms and forward the same funds on favorable terms.

What does the European Investment Bank do?

The European Investment Bank borrows money on the capital markets and lends it on favorable terms to projects that support EU objectives. About 90 % of loans are made within the EU. It does not receive any funding from the EU budget.

The European Investment Bank provides 3 main types of services:

  • Lending – about 90 % of its total financial commitment. The Bank lends to clients of all sizes to support growth and jobs. Its support often helps to attract other investors.
  • 'Blending' - allowing clients to combine EIB financing with additional investment.
  • Advising and technical assistance - maximizing value for money.

The EIB makes loans above EUR 25 million directly. Where smaller loans are involved, it opens credit lines for financial institutions that then lend funds to creditors.

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Digital banking

With mobile and online bank, you can arrange as many as 53 different tasks without visiting the bank.:

  • Submitting application for approval of extra overdraft facility.
  • Submitting application for order of consumer loan.
  • Submitting application for obtaining Visa credit card.
  • Paying and receiving invoices and e-invoices.
  • Overview of balance and spending.

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