Directly enforceable collateral

Instrument of payment insurance, accepted in the Act on prevention of late payments.


Debtor's declaration


With directly enforceable collateral a debtor is obliged to pay the sum he/she is owed to the creditor. A debtor's declaration is given in accordance with the Act on prevention of late payments.
Irrevocable agrrement of the debtor

Settlement of liabilities


The debtor's agreement is irrevocable and valid for all banks with an open transaction account of the debtor. Liabilities are settled with funds on the debtor's open bank account.
Submission of directly enforceable collateral

3 years from maturity of the claim


The directly enforceable collateral needs to be submitted for payment within three years of the claim maturity. The bank returns the directly enforceable collateral to the creditor if there are no funds on the debtor's account within one year of the submission for payment.

Features of directly enforceable collateral

Directly enforceable collateral is intended for corporate clients, professionals, sole proprietors and foreign corporate clients, who need a reliable instrument for insurance of payments by business entities and public authorities.

In accordance with the law, directly enforceable collateral must contain:

  • An indication that it is directly enforceable collateral;
  • VAT number, company or the name of the debtor and their address or registered office,
  • VAT number, company or the name of the creditor and their address or registered office,
  • The debtor's financial obligation expressed in Euros and written in figures and words.
    In the case of interest-bearing debt also information when interest will start to accrue and the interest rate;


  • Data on the contract or some other legal basis for the incurrence of obligation;
  • Notarized or administratively certified signature of the debtor from the directly enforceable collateral;
  • Place and date of issue of directly enforceable collateral;
  • Maturity date of obligation;


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Frequently asked questions

Is the debtor informed of the receipt of an “izvršnica” (execution of payment document)?

The bank shall notify the debtor of the receipt of the “izvršnica” by direct mail the next business day after receipt.

In what cases does the bank reject an issued “izvršnica” (execution of payment document)?

The bank rejects an “izvršnica”, if it is missing any of the mandatory elements and the due date.

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