Custody account

We will personally devote our time to you and advise you on financing.

Check the information on the merger of SKB Bank and Nova KBM.

Who is it best suited for?

Legal entities (foreign and domestic investors, insurance companies, domestic and foreign banks) and natural persons.


An escrow account ensures security and a number of adjustments to individual needs and wishes.

One of the world's leading trustee banks

SKB Bank is part of the OTP Group and maintains a portfolio of 1,426 billion EUR.


Within the framework of the escrow account, SKB offers a wide range of services:

  • Safekeeping of securities for domestic and foreign companies, institutional investors and natural persons;
  • Settlement services and safekeeping for domestic and foreign securities;
  • Corporate actions and voting with the authorization of customers;
  • Transfer of payments from dividends and interest;
  • Portfolio valuation;
  • Reporting on the state of a portfolio, transactions and results;
  • Notification of the Slovenian capital market.