Plus business card insurance

Are you worried about what would happen if you lost your SKB business card or it got stolen? What if, in addition to your business card, you also lose your keys, personal documents, wallet, cell phone or tablet? If you conclude Business Card Plus Insurance, you can sleep peacefully, as you have insured all your SKB business cards and personal belongings.

Business card plus insurance is intended for companies and professionals, SKB transaction account holders and users of their business cards.

  • yearly insurance premium for an individual user of business card is 12 EUR;
  • insurance premium is paid per year with direct debit of transaction account;
  • insurance is taken out by the company or professional (policyholder) for every user of the SKB business card (insurance holder) individually.

Benefits of business card plus insurance

  • includes insurance in case of misuse of lost or stolen SKB business cards and insurance in case of cash theft;
  • personal items (keys, personal documents, handbags, wallet, mobile phone (including phone call reimbursement) and tablet are also insured; 
  • includes cover for additional costs (cancellation of a lost / stolen card, issuing a new card and issuing an ID card or digital certificate with a smart card for using the online bank);
  • low price considering the extent of insurance;
  • insurance is valid in Slovenia and abroad.

Insurance coverage

With business card plus insurance, the insured person is entitled to compensation for damages if the lost or stolen business cards are abused and cash is stolen. Insurance includes damage arising from the moment of theft or loss of the card up to the moment of reporting the loss or theft of the card to the bank.

Coverage content

Coverage amount

Insurance for abuse of lost or stolen business card  In case of payment, up to 50 EUR for individual card in a single insurance case and up to 3,000 EUR for all cards per insurance year.
In case of cash withdrawal, up to EUR 50 for individual card in a single insurance case and up to EUR 250 for all cards per insurance year.

Business card plus insurance is valid if the policyholder had their cash stolen that they withdrew from the account of the policyholder at the ATM or at the branch office of the bank, if such theft or robbery occurred within one hour after the withdrawal took place. 

Coverage content

Coverage amount

insurance of previously withdrawn cash 125 EUR

It includes insurance coverage for actual costs associated with:

  • reporting card loss / theft for the purpose of canceling it (costs of card cancellation are covered),
  • issuing a new card due to a lost / stolen card,
  • issuing an identification card or digital certificate with a smart card for using internet bank in the event of loss or theft.

Coverage content

Coverage amount
(after event, up to 3x annually)

the cost of reporting the loss / theft of the card and issuing a new card

13 EUR

the cost of identification card for using SKB NET internet bank 

40 EUR


In addition to the insurance of SKB cards, card insurance plus also includes insurance of certain personal items which we usually carry with the cards. Insurance applies to:

  • keys,
  • personal documents,
  • handbag,
  • wallet,
  • mobile phone and tablet.

The coverage area applies to the territory of the whole Europe (geographically). 

Coverage content

Coverage amount

(after event and per year)

insurance for cost of re-issuing documents up to100 EUR  
insurance for cost of re-duplication of keys up to 300 EUR
insurance for cost of handbag/bag, wallet up to 100 EUR 
insurance for cost of mobile phone or tablet up to 200 EUR
insurance of mobile phone (reimbursement of phone call costs) up to 150 EUR 

You can claim insurance cover for the abovementioned personal items only if SKB card was stolen simultaneously with theft of personal items.