Why choose saving under the Moorea Fund savings plan?

07. 01. 2021

The Moorea Fund savings plan is concluded for a period of 5 years with automatic renewal for the same period.

Investments under the Moorea Fund savings plan are available at no entry or exit loads.

Why choose saving under the Moorea Fund savings plan?

The advantages of saving under the Moorea Fund savings plan are:

  • Lower risk and yield optimization

With a savings plan, as an investor, you do not have to decide whether the time is right to invest in the selected sub-fund or not. You only need to know your goals and adjust the choice of the sub-fund accordingly.

By regular monthly investing in the selected sub-fund, you avoid buying at extreme (better maximum) values ​​and in the long run you achieve a better average purchase price and thus a better return.     

  • Simplicity

To join the savings plan, you only sign the accession statement to the individual sub-fund of the umbrella fund and give written consent for the execution of monthly internal direct debits of the personal account.

  • Flexibility

The most flexible product for monthly savings (savings can be stopped in full or in part at any time, the amount saved can be partially or fully paid out, the existing amount of savings can be increased or decreased, the fund can be replaced)

Under a savings plan, you can:

  • increase or decrease the amount of savings (min. 30 EUR);
  • you pay out the saved amount of the investment to your personal account at any time, in part or in full;
  • you cancel the savings plan free of charge or switch the sub-fund.

Management of different investment classes (shares, bonds, commodities, alternative strategies, etc.)

It is a fund of funds (the fund invests in various mutual funds and ETFs, which means even greater diversification and less risk).

Three funds:

Global Conservative Allocation Portfolio

Global Balanced Allocation Portfolio

Global Growth Allocation Portfolio - for those who can afford higher risk, accept higher risk and invest for a longer period of time.