POS terminals

It is hard to imagine not to have the possibility of card payment in this day and age.

POS terminals, with their security and reliability, always ensure that you and your customers are satisfied.  

  • Various options for accepting cards at points of sale: through stationary or mobile POS terminal, POS terminal, adapted to larger systems and internet stores or phones. 
  • Enabled operations with cards from various issuers
  • An easy overview of transaction operations via e-statements, that replace paper format.
  • The possibility of acquiring a free SIM card for a mobile POS terminal.
  • Guaranteed payment of performed payments with cards regardless of the actual payment by the cardholder to the bank.
  • Authorization and technical assistance by the Bankart process center (01) 471 50 93 is available 24/7.
  • All the equipment for contactless operations at stationary and mobile POS terminals is provided.


Advantages of the online payment interface (Payment Gateway)

  • there is no need for a physical point of sale, but only a site with an online store,
  • payment in the online store 24/7 by credit or debit card,
  • reaching global customers,
  • the bank takes care of the security of sensitive data and compliance with card payment requirements 
  • easy integration into the most commonly used online store platforms and also for your own solutions,
  • effective monitoring of payments on the Merchant Web Portal,
  • after-sales technical service performed by Bankart,
  • functions ''saved card'' and ''recurring payments''.

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Frequently asked questions

For whom is the contactless stationary intended and for whom the contactless mobile POS terminal?

The contactless stationary POS terminal is intended for merchants who intend to have a POS terminal installed at a permanent payment point, for example at the cash register. The terminal needs to be connected to an IP communication network (cable) for its operation. The POS terminal must be installed in such a way that the customer can make the payment without interruption. In the event that the POS terminal is physically inaccessible to the customer, the terminal can be mounted on a swivel arm or a stand-alone keypad (PIN PAD) can be added. If a keyboard is used on the POS terminal, contactless payment is only possible on this keyboard and not on the POS terminal itself.

The contactless mobile POS terminal is suitable for merchants who can more easily accept payments at various locations in their business (example: restaurants, taxi services, insurance agents, trade fair activities, etc.). Merchants can choose between a contactless mobile POS terminal with GPRS / 3G or WIFI / 3G connection. The mobile POS terminal has a built-in battery that allows use without connection to the mains. To use a mobile GPRS / 3G POS terminal, you need a SIM card, which we also arrange.

Which cards can I accept at POS terminals and which through the online store?

Through the POS terminal, you can accept the most common cards paid for by customers at Slovenian points of sale, ie Mastercard, Visa, BA, Maestro, Karanta and hosting Diners cards (the contract for accepting these cards must be arranged directly with the card scheme provider Erste Card doo).

The merchant can accept Mastercard, Visa and Maestro cards via the online store.

What information are available in the Merchand Web Portal?

The merchand web portal provides access to:

  • all trade statements,
  • documentation related to your user account for the merchant web portal,
  • notifications related to the operation of the commercial web portal,
  • help for users. It is also available without a username and password so that all your employees can access it.

Here you will also find the contact details of the Customer Support Center.

Which website platforms are supported for online customers?

The Payment Gateway can be integrated with solutions for the most commonly used plug-ins (WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart and Magento 2). If you use your own solution, various sample implementations are also available (for PHP, Java and .NET.).

What does the saved card feature allow?

The ''saved card'' feature makes it easier for your customers to make purchases, as the card information is filled into the payment mask itself. The customer first agrees to the storage of card data in your online store. These are stored in a disguised form and are filled into the payment mask on the next purchase. The customer thus saves time and makes the purchase faster.

What does the recurring payment feature allow?

The "recurring payments" feature makes it easier for your customers to make recurring purchases without having to enter card details in the payment mask each time. This is especially true for recurring purchases that take place over a period of time (eg purchase of monthly tickets, magazines, subscriptions, membership fees,) as the customer may allow you to make the payment yourself and on pre-agreed terms. You can initiate the payment yourself on the basis of the stored masked data, without the customer having to worry about whether the payment will be made.

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