Property insurance Varen dom

Protect your assets from unexpected circumstances.

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Lightning strike

Damage coverage

due to direct and/or indirect lightning strikes.

Additional benefits

Insurance of solar power plants

Solar power plants for individual self-sufficiency in private use are insured as part of the basic premium.

Varen dom insurance

With property insurance

you can insure residential real estate and/or movable property.


Real estate is one of life's biggest investments. Preserve the value of your property and protect it against unpredictable and sudden circumstances.


  • Residential facilities: (one-, two- and three-apartment houses, attached houses or apartments - commonhold unit),
  • vacation homes,
  • bildings under construction from the 3rd construction phase onwards, for which you take out insurance exclusively under the Basic Package.


  • Call 01 33 07 404,
  • write to,
  • complete the online damage report at,
  • write to Groupama Zavarovalnica, branch office, Ajdovščina 4, 1000 Ljubljana.


Items that are the property of the insured person and members of their household in permanently or occasionally occupied residential buildings are subject to the insurance of residential movable property. Items in auxiliary rooms and auxiliary facilities are also subject to insurance.


Unforeseen inconveniences can happen in your home, such as a burst water pipe, a malfunction in the electrical installation, a damaged lock, which you can solve quickly and easily with the home assistance of the insurance company Groupama.


In the event of an emergency and the need for emergency help at home, the insurance company organizes the arrival of the necessary handyman (plumber, electrician, locksmith, carpenter, and glass work expert) via the assistance centre, which is accessible 24/7, and covers the costs of emergency repairs.



With Varen dom property insurance, you will ensure that your home is insured against fire, storm, and hail, as well as other natural hazards, water spills and broken glass. In the event of an accident, the insurance will cover a wide variety of costs, such as: cleaning and demolition costs, costs of loss of rent, costs of graffiti removal on houses, etc.

You can conclude and choose one of the insurance packages: 

  • Basic package
  • Standard package
  • Max package

You can also add coverage for additional risks such as earthquake, landslide, personal liability, and home assistance to the coverage from the above packages.


Items that are the property of the insured person and members of their household in permanently or occasionally occupied residential buildings are subject to the insurance of residential movable property.

Varen dom insurance will ensure that your residential movable property is insured against fire, storm, and hail and other natural hazards, water spills and broken glass. Insurance Varen dom also insures against burglary, robbery, and vandalism.

In the event of an accident, the insurance will also cover part of the incurred costs, such as the cost of changing locks due to the disappearance of keys due to the occurrence of an insured event, costs caused by damage to things by the guest/tenant, etc.

You can upgrade your insurance of residential movable property by taking out additional insurances such as: machine breakdown insurance, earthquake insurance, landslide insurance, personal liability, and home assistance.

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Frequently asked questions

Varen dom insurance also covers the theft of parts of the building, such as gutters, fences and other parts made of copper, iron, stainless steel, and similar materials. In case of theft of parts of the building, the external units of the building and devices are not covered by the insurance, and the insurance does not cover damage to the built-in equipment (e.g. boilers, air conditioners, hydrophores, solar panels for heating sanitary water, solar power plants for self-supply, solar showers, taps, radiators, stoves, pipes, windows, doors, etc.). Heat pumps are an exception which are insured up to 5,000 EUR per damage event and in the annual aggregate.

If the residential property was previously insured against basic fire hazards and storm and hail hazards based on some other policy (e.g. facility manager's policy, policy concluded together with loan, etc.), the policyholder has the right to a lower premium for the Standard and Max packages when concluding this product, based on the exclusion of basic fire risks and storm and hail risks.

An auxiliary building is a building with an area of ​​up to 50 m2 that belongs to a residential building, has its own foundation, or is fixed and located at the same address and on the same plot of land, but not under the same roof. These are: fences, terraces, closed garages, boiler rooms, locked storerooms, canopies and sunshades in the garden, sports fields, jacuzzies, outdoor pools including a cover, except plastic and textile covers, etc.). Auxiliary buildings are also garages within a radius of 1000 m from the place of insurance.

Robotic lawn mowers are classified as garden devices and machines when they are in the garden, on the stairs or in common areas. Garden equipment and machines are insured under residential movable property.

In the event of machinery breakdown, the elevator malfunction is also covered, up to 5,000 €.

In the case of an elevator machinery breakdown when insuring an apartment/ commonhold unit, the insurance indemnity is paid according to the corresponding ownership share.

In case of machinery breakdown insurance, devices in the "smart home" or "smart house" system (heating control, lighting control, access control, etc.) are also covered.

Solar power plants for individual self-sufficiency are insured within the framework of residential property, namely within the framework of the basic insurance premium.

The insurance of heat pumps belongs to the insurance of residential real estate (within the built-in equipment owned by the insured person).

As part of residential property insurance, other heating, cooling and ventilation devices are also insured.

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What is the impact of saving in funds on social transfers?

We often hear excuses from young parents that they don’t save because their savings would push them into a higher income class and they would receive a lower child allowance per month as a result. The reason for the decision against saving is generally unfounded because such savings are taken into account only in the form of fictitious interest.


Where can I get help and additional information?

Information on the possibilities of saving in funds can be obtained at the SKB Bank outlet or by calling the Call Centre at 01 471 55 55, where you will arrange an appointment in the selected outlet.


How do I start saving in AMUNDI or MOOREA funds?

Would you like to start saving in funds but don't know how?


Why choose saving under the Moorea Fund savings plan?

The Moorea Fund savings plan is concluded for a period of 5 years with automatic renewal for the same period.

Investments under the Moorea Fund savings plan are available at no entry or exit loads.

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