PRO SKB NET internet banking

For comfortable banking, anywhere and anytime.
Because the world never stops.

Everywhere, where there is internet

PRO SKB NET is your online bank office accessible from any computer that is connected to the web.


Exceptional safety of operations

To ensure the highest possible safety in data transfer, SKB uses a state-of-the-art technology to protect data and transactions.


Simple use

Applying basic knowledge about the web, you will quickly be able to use online banking. Detailed instructions, installed tips and phone support can also help you.


Forget about bank teller windows

Digital banking saves you time and money.
Banking has never been more secure, confidential and individual.



Pay in the comfort
of your home or office

Just a link to the web is enough
and an online banking service is already available!




Supervision of card operations

Simple and transparent.
All information on your SKB cards is collected in one place.  



It is good to know where you are with your loan

A detailed overview of the state of your loan allows you to plan your future.



Frequently asked questions

Which novelties are included in the upgrade of SKB NET internet banking in september 2019?

The inactivity time is now shortened to 5 minutes. For easier monitoring you now have a timer that shows the remaining time and enables the extension of activities.

The process of payment confirmation has not been changed, there will only be more numbers that show »Code for identification card«.

Following the upgrade, you will also need to authorise standing orders and internal orders, if the recipient's account, for which you are authorised, is not saved to your personal list.

Is the online bank easy to use?

Anyone with the most basic level of familiarity with the Internet can learn how to use our online bank in no time. If you need any help, check out our detailed user instructions and built-in tips, or call our client support phone line.

Enter to access your web browser. Before logging in for the first time, you must prepare your identification card for the login process, as described in the "Identification Card User's Guide" in the section "Setting up your personal password before using Modern Banking Channels for the first time".

After opening the SKB NET online bank login page:

  • click in the first box on the login page and enter your identification number (that you were issued at the Bank’s outlet that manages your account when you first opened your personal account),
  • activate the identification card and enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN), based on which the card generates a one-time security password (the steps for setting up passwords are described in the "Identification Card User's Guide"),
  • enter the security password displayed on the identification card in the second box on the login page,
  • click the OK button,
  • when the additional login window for the SKB NET online bank opens, follow the instructions and confirm the login.

After confirmation, you can start using the Bank’s services.  

How do I get access to
my mobile application?

Downloading the application to a phone

The application supports phones with
iOS and Android operating systems.


Security activation

Quickly and easily via PRO SKB NET online bank or at any branch office.



Make an appointment with the advisor

Your relationship officer will wait for you in the outlet on the agreed upon date and time. 
With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

Make an appointment or Send an inquiry

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We became a member of the Green Network of Slovenia

10. 01. 2022

At SKB Bank, we strive for the well-being of the environment in which we work and operate.

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For the third year in a row, SKB brand the recipient of the Superbrands Slovenia title

07. 01. 2022

Superbrand recognition for us is a confirmation that the market recognizes our quality and trusts us.