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A window into the world of international financial markets


A wide range of financial instruments and an experienced professional team for direct access to global financial markets


More predictable and safer operations with financial instruments intended to protect against interest and currency risks.


Refinement of assets with investments in first-class domestic and foreign securities.



  • Easy to use - purchase or sale of foreign exchange with one click
  • Real-time trading
  • Trading with major foreign currencies
  • Monitoring of transactions in one place
  • Accessibility from any device with internet access
  • Safety and reliability


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Hedging of currency risk

We offer companies that do business in an international environment (exporters/importers) the possibility of effective protection against unfavorable changes in the exchange rates of all the most important global and regional currencies.

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Hedging of interest rate risk

With instruments of protection against changes in interest rates, we guarantee you stable long-term financing of your business and thus survival in the global competitive battle.

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Accumulate your assets by investing in securities on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and international capital markets.

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Director of Global markets

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Igor Javoršek

Director of Global markets

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Director of Securities sales

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Securities sales

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“In accordance with the decision of the Bank of Slovenia of 22 February 2022, with regard to the EU EMIR regulations, SKB Bank applies the entire exception regarding the exchange of collateral when dealing with OTC derivative financial instruments (IFI) with a counterparty) – OTP Bank Plc. intra-group transactions.

SKB Bank (LEI identifier: 549300H7CCQ6BSQBGG72) and OTP Bank Plc. (LEI identifier: 529900W3MOO00A18X956) are part of the same OTP Group and both financial counterparties are based in different EU countries. The nominal total amount of IFI OTC contracts, for which the intra-group exemption applies, amounts to 270,000 million EUR".

Documents under the PRIIP regulation

Get acquainted with documents including key information for small investors concerning derivatives of SKB Bank d.d. Ljubljana, which are traded outside the organized market (OTC). Documents are not marketing material.

If you wish, we wil provide you with the requested key information document free of charge.

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