Payment services

Quick, efficient and reliable execution of payment services is extremely valuable for your current day-to-day operations.

Domestic payment

  • A domestic payment transaction is performed between the payer and the payee in the territory of Slovenia.
  • Digital banking for fast and secure payments through PRO SKB NET or MULTI SKB NET internet banking or mobile banking. 
  • Domestic payment transactions can be performed by SKB customers at bank counters of numerous SKB outlets across Slovenia. 
  • Use of the day-night safe if you want to deposit your daily cash proceeds outside of business hours. 

Cross-border and other
payment transactions

  • Cross-border payment transactions are carried out between a payer and a payee in the territory of different EU Member States.
  • Other payment transactions are all payment transactions that are executed in any currency between two domestic service providers or a domestic and foreign payment service provider.

SEPA - Single Euro Payments Area

  • SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) allows making and receiving payments in euro.
  • The international bank account number (IBAN) and the SWIFT code of the bank (BIC) are known for payment in EUR.
  • Payments are usually executed in electronic form, the payee's bank and the payer's bank are included in the SEPA scheme.
  • Financial transactions in euro can be performed centrally from one bank account.



  • E-invoice and other e-documents are documents issued in electronic form and are equivalent replacement for paper documents. 
  • They enable issuers of e-documents to import pre-prepared e-documents from accounting applications, to manually prepare and send e-documents to the bank, to review and manage issued e-documents and received e-subscriptions/unsubscriptions for receiving e-documents, to send and manage e-delivery confirmations for received e-subscriptions/unsubscriptions.


  • Through MULTI SKB NET and PRO SKB NET, both issuing and receiving of e-documents is enabled. 
  • They enable recipients of e-documents to receive, export and review received e-documents, to easily manage them, to submit e-subscriptions/unsubscriptions for receiving e-documents, to review submitted e-subscriptions/unsubscriptions and their statuses and to view the register of e-document issuers.


  • For all those who operate with cash, and want to deposit daily cash proceeds on the account, also outside of business hours of the outlets. 
  • Prepare cash for submission so that the banknotes are sorted in 100-piece banners.
  • The banner must be accompanied by information on the amount of banknotes, the total amount and the stamp and the signature of the authorized person of the company.
  • If the remainder of the banknotes of a single value is at least 50 pcs, they must also be linked into the package.
  • Insert cash, cash list and payment order with completed payee's transaction account and the purpose of the payment (deposit and number of the bag) in the bag.



  • Timely and transparent operations through group accounts.
  • Managing group funds between accounts opened with different banks, possibly also in different countries.
  • It enables transfer of SWIFT messages (MT942, MT940 and MT101).

Digital banking

With mobile and online bank, you can arrange as many as 53 different tasks without visiting the bank.:

  • Submitting application for approval of extra overdraft facility.
  • Submitting application for order of consumer loan.
  • Submitting application for obtaining Visa credit card.
  • Paying and receiving invoices and e-invoices.
  • Overview of balance and spending.

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Otherdigital services

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Frequently asked questions

  • The IBAN number for Slovenia is written on the back of your Visa debit card and consists of SI56 and a 15-digit number.
  • The SWIFT address (BIC) of SKB is SKBASI2X.

SKB offers you several ways to pay your invoices and bills:


Sign a SEPA direct debit mandate with your service provider to pay for services through SEPA direct debit. After the mandate has been signed, the Bank will receive a debit request from your service provider. The Bank will proceed with the payment on the date indicated on the mandate, provided that there are sufficient funds in the account.

If you are an SKB NET and/or MOJ@SKB user, you can also pay the bills yourself through these services until the payment due date stated on the payment order (bill). No need to go to the bank! You can make sure your bills are paid on time yourself.