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Basic payment personal account

For basic bank services.

Basic payment personal account
Monthly management fee

4,90 EUR /month

Best suited for

For people who do not have an account yet in Slovenia, no matter the residency status.

  • For welfare recipients monthly account keeping amounts to 1,47 EUR
  • Free withdrawals with a Visa debit card at SKB and NKBM ATMs and ATMs of foreign participating banks in the OTP Group
  • Free digital banking
Collecting funds for covering various costs

Basic account for non-residents

Foreign citizens without a permanent residence in Slovenia need a personal account for managing personal finances as required by the law.

Basic account for non-residents
Monthly management fee

2,90 EUR /month

Best suited for

For foreign citizens and people without a permanent residence.

  • Visa debit card for payments around the world and on internet
  • Free withdrawals with a Visa debit card at SKB and NKBM ATMs and ATMs of foreign participating banks in the OTP Group
Collecting funds for covering various costs

Personal account

For transparent and simple bank operations customised to your needs. Choose only the products you need.

Personal account
Monthly management fee


Best suited for

To people older than 15 years with regular monthly income.

  • Choose only the products you need; you pay the cost of each product according to price list.

Flik immediate free transfers

Pay with Flik - anytime, anywhere:

  • Simple- all you need is a mobile phone number
    or an e-mail of the recipient.
  • Quick- money is in the account in a few seconds.
    Even outside the bank's working hours.
  • Secure- the same level of security as for payments through
    the mobile bank or internet bank.

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If you wish to open an account ...

you need a valid identification document (ID card or passport) and  tax number.

If you wish to change a bank ...

Complete the application for change of bank, and we will arrange everything else instead of you.

Make an appointment with an individual relationship officer

Your individual relationship officer will wait for you in the outlet on the agreed upon date and time. 
With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

Make an appointment  or  Tell us your wishes

It's good to know
whom you trust your finances

SKB bank

  • Excells in safety, stability and reliability in Slovene banking space.
  • Part of OTP Group, one of the biggest and most stable financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Trusted by more than 200.000 clients.

What do our clients say about us?

Tina J.
Tina J.

SKB bank keeps pace with the trends. It provides its users with online and mobile banking which makes our business easier and also simplifies dealing with our personal account, while paying invoices is quick and easy. Employees in bank branches are nice, helpful and willing to solve every issue.

Tina J.
Ivona K.
Ivona K.

I have been a satisfied client since 2003. What I like most are personal approach and responsiveness – my individual relationship officer instantly finds a favourable solution for each of my financial challenges. I would also like to point out the mobile bank; these days I could not imagine my everyday life without it.

Ivona K.

Frequently asked questions

You must notify the Bank’s outlet where the account was opened about any new data relevant to transactions with the personal account within five (5) days after the change. Such information shall include, for example:

  • change of name and surname,
  • change of residence or address for receiving invoices, statements, etc.,
  • change of authorization to the bank for the payment of obligations,
  • change of employment.

These conditions shall also apply to the authorized person. Arrange a meeting with your individual relationship officer at your SKB outlet and bring proof of the change (such as a new ID showing the official change).

Visit an SKB outlet with the person you want to authorize or call (01) 471 55 55 and make an appointment with an individual relationship officer. Your individual relationship officer will explain to you what functionalities will be enabled on your account for the authorized person. You will sign an authorization, which will remain valid until revoked. the authorized person will also receive a Visa debit linked to your personal account.

The overdraft (limit) facility on your personal account is granted by the Bank indefinitely in accordance with the Bank's business policy.  

The Bank regularly monitors the client's account operations and overdraft (limit) eligibility.

The card holder must immediately report the loss or theft of the card by calling the indicated telephone number or at the nearest SKB outlet. The card holder must also report the theft of his/her card at the nearest police station as soon as possible.

24 hours a day, you can call the tel. no.: (01) 471 50 90 (We recommend that you save the number that you can call in case of loss or unauthorized use of your card).

The card holder must, within 8 days from the date of the report done by phone, confirm the loss or theft of the card in writing at the outlet where he/she has a personal account. At the same time, the card holder can apply for the issue of a new card.

Customers are advised not to keep their Personal Identification Number (PIN) and card together in the same place. 

SKB card holders can protect their cards against unauthorized use if lost or stolen, with Card insurance plus. With Card insurance plus, personal items (keys, personal documents, handbag, wallet, mobile phone and tablet) are also insured in case of loss or theft.

Opening a personal account is free of charge. The Bank charges fees for the management of the holder’s personal account in accordance with the applicable SKB's pricelist and depending on the type of personal account. You can find a detailed price list for personal account operations and for services related to the management of your account, such as the performance of payment services, withdrawing cash from ATMs, and using online banking, in SKB's Service Pricelist for Individuals.

A personal account allows you to manage your transactions and receive inflows. With a personal account, you get the following:

  • an individual relationship officer,
  • the option of arranging a meeting with an individual relationship officer at one of the Bank’s outlets,
  • applying for a Visa debit card (depending on the type of personal account),
  • an approved overdraft limit,
  • applying for a credit card (Mastercard or Visa ),
  • the option of using other banking products or services (term deposits, direct debit, standing orders, SKB NET, MOJ@SKB, ...).
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