Independent and irrevocable obligation of guarantor bank to pay guaranteed amount.


Decrease of business risk


Guarantee is an independent and irrevocable obligation of guarantor bank to pay guaranteed amount.

Liquidation at first appeal.


Bank liquidates the guarantee at first written appeal when fulfilling the conditions in the guarantee.
Who is it for?

Corporate clients who need a reliable business insurance instrument.


Bank guarantees are intended for home and foreign corporate clients, professionals, sole proprietors and spending authorities, who need bank guarantee for insurance of business.

Features of guarantees

A bank issues a guarantee based on the underlying contract/relationship between the applicant and the beneficiary. By issuing a guarantee, SKB assumes an undertaking
 pay a certain amount of money to a domestic or foreign beneficiary if the applicant the guarantee does not fulfill their contractual terms.

Depending on the purpose and type of a transaction, the Bank issues service-related and payment guarantees in Euros or foreign currencies.

Guarantee types

Digital banking

With mobile and online bank, you can arrange as many as 53 different tasks without visiting the bank.:

  • Submitting application for approval of extra overdraft facility.
  • Submitting application for order of quick loan.
  • Submitting application for obtaining
    Mastercard / Visa credit card.
  • Paying and receiving invoices and e-invoices.
  • Overview of balance and spending.

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SKB bank

  • Excells in safety, stability and reliability in Slovene banking space.
  • Part of OTP Group, one of the biggest and most stable financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Trusted by more than 200.000 clients.

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08. 01. 2020

Hungarian OTP Bank has successfully completed the acquisition of SKB in the end of last year and became 99.73 percent owner of SKB Bank. This is the first OTP investment in Slovenia which continues to strengthen the position of the largest independent financial group in Central and Eastern Europe.

Corporate finances, Personal finances

We are expecting you in new colors

13. 12. 2019

SKB Bank is starting a new chapter, characterized by joining OTP Group and launching new brand image. SKB web pages are also expecting you in new colors.

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