Grow your assets with investments at home without charges for opening a trading account.

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Domestic financial instruments

Trading on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange

Purchase and sale of shares of Slovenian companies and government and corporate bonds.

Investments abroad

Access to foreign capital markets

Intermediation in trading in foreign issuers’ financial instruments.

Advantages of SKB

A complete investment service

Several years of experience in providing brokerage services at home and abroad and custody services in foreign markets.


Independent choice of investments in various types of financial instruments on domestic and international capital markets


Prior to the submission of the first order, a Contract for trading in financial instruments for the domestic or foreign market must be stipulated.


In order to trade in domestic financial instruments, the customer must open a trading account with KDD (Slovenian Central Securities Clearing Corporation). Foreign financial instruments are managed on a custody account in a central depository in accordance with sub-depository rules.


We accept orders for the domestic market at all of our outlets during regular working hours. Orders for trading abroad or on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange are taken by brokers by telephone (call the number 01 471 50 37).

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Frequently asked questions

In the case of a market order, the client does not place restrictions on the exchange rate for the purchase/sale of a financial instrument and the transaction is performed with the best counter-order, if any. A market order is only valid on the day it was received.

In case of a limit order, the client sets the acceptable purchase (highest) or selling price (lowest) for brokerage on a particular day. The daily limit order is only valid during the trading day on which it was placed. A limit order may also be valid up to and including a specified date, which may not be longer than the maximum period specified by the stock exchange system through which the order is to be executed.

A client may also place a discretionary order, where no limits are set for the exchange rate for the purchase or sale of the financial instrument. SKB shall execute the discretionary order, once it has determined, exercising all the reasonable care and diligence to be expected of an appropriately qualified expert, that the execution of the order is most advantageous for the client, given the market situation. If the order is not executed during the trading day when it was received, it shall cease to be valid. If the Bank receives a discretionary order after the end of trading on the market on which the order is to be executed, such order shall cease to be valid on the expiration of the trading day following the day on which the Bank received the order.

You can place an order to purchase or sell domestic financial instruments at any SKB outlet or contact a broker directly by phone. Foreign financial instruments orders may only be placed by phone directly with a broker.

To place a sell order, there must be a determined number of financial instruments on your trading/custody account that are the subject of the sale, while placing a purchase order requires an advance payment of the sum of the purchase, including fees and other costs.

Natural persons:

  • valid photo ID (identity card or passport),
  • tax ID,
  • SKB personal account number.

Legal persons:

  • tax ID number of the legal entity,
  • registration number of the legal entity,
  • legal entity’s SKB bank account number,
  • extract from the court register (date of the extract must not be older than 3 months),
  • valid ID or passport of the legal representative of the legal entity, tax number of the legal representative.

If the contract is concluded by an authorized person on behalf of a legal person, the same conditions apply as for the legal representative, and the authorized person must also submit an authorization signed by the legal representative of the legal entity.

To start trading in financial instruments, you must first conclude a contract for trading in financial instruments at one of SKB's outlets.  Based on the contract, we will open a trading account for you (that you can use for trading in domestic financial instruments) and a custody account (that you can use for trading in foreign financial instruments).

As of August 1, 2012, a tax of financial transactions when buying French shares whose market capitalization exceeded one billion euros is in force in France, amounting to 0.2% of the transaction value.

Investors are required to pay a 0.2% tax on financial transactions when buying French shares whose market capitalization exceeds one billion euros, which, in addition to the purchase price, is payable on each purchase order executed. 

List of French shares with market capitalization above EUR 1 billion.

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Tina J.
Tina J.

SKB bank keeps pace with the trends. It provides its users with online and mobile banking which makes our business easier and also simplifies dealing with our personal account, while paying invoices is quick and easy. Employees in bank branches are nice, helpful and willing to solve every issue.

Tina J.
Ivona K.
Ivona K.

I have been a satisfied client since 2003. What I like most are personal approach and responsiveness – my individual relationship officer instantly finds a favourable solution for each of my financial challenges. I would also like to point out the mobile bank; these days I could not imagine my everyday life without it.

Ivona K.

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