How do I start saving in AMUNDI or MOOREA funds?

07. 01. 2021

Would you like to start saving in funds but don't know how?

How do I start saving in AMUNDI or MOOREA funds?

  1. Setting goals:

Before joining the umbrella fund’s sub-fund, it is important to set goals, expectations and time horizons for saving. 

You can obtain information about the possibilities of saving in funds at the SKB Bank outlet or by calling the Call Centre at 01 471 55 55 and arranging an appointment in the selected outlet.

  1. Choosing investment options:
  • Gradual saving with monthly payments à You can save through a savings plan, which is a form of periodic monthly saving starting as low as 30 EUR, which you can access by signing an accession statement for the selected sub-fund and written consent to the bank to execute internal direct debit of a personal account. In SKB Bank's offer, we enable access to Moorea Fund savings plans, with mixed sub-funds and in EUR. Moorea funds include all investment classes: stocks, bonds, cash and alternative investments. In this case, you do not have to decide whether to invest in stocks or bonds and how much in each part. Decide only on the saving period and choose the fund accordingly.
  • Enrichment of assets with one-time payments - You may choose to prudently and comprehensively diversify your investments in MOOREA FUNDS, AMUNDI FUNDS, AMUNDI INDEX SOLUTIONS AND CPR INVEST with a one-time payment into cash, bond, equity or index sub-funds. The funds are issued in different currencies: EUR, USD, JPY.
  1. Approach:

As a client of SKB Bank, all you need is an identity document, a tax number and a personal account with SKB Bank. You sign the accession statement for the selected sub-fund and, when concluding a savings plan in Moorea funds, a written consent for the execution of internal direct debit of personal account

  1. Monitoring:

After joining the selected sub-fund of the umbrella fund, you will monitor the value of units or the movement of the fund on a daily basis via the fund price list on the website We will also notify you of all significant events regarding the selected sub-fund for the time of your saving, and we will also notify you of the balance by mail after each completed quarter.

  1. Exit:

You can decide to pay out part or all of the savings in the funds at any time by submitting a request for payment at the nearest outlet. The money is available to you no later than seven working days after placing the order.

Saving under an individual Moorea savings plan lasts for 60 months and it is automatically extended for the same period if you do not withdraw from the savings plan as an investor by signing and submitting a request to withdraw from the savings plan to the bank (on the bank's form).