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Police warnings: more and more fraudulent investments

15. 04. 2021

On Friday, April 9th 2021, the Ministry drew attention to the damage done to Slovenian citizens who fall prey to online fraudsters and invest their funds in various online platforms that promise high rates of return.

Police warnings: more and more fraudulent investments

At the beginning of the year, criminal investigators completed an investigation into the crime of fraud with damages of 130,000 euros from falsely presented investments in a combination of various products (cryptocurrencies, gold, securities, shares, oil) with a promise of a weekly return of 300 percent.

The perpetrators are taking advantage of the current situation, as people spend more time on the World Wide Web due to measures related to the epidemiological situation in the country, and some individuals are even encountering the online environment for the first time in their lives. The perpetrators are also helped by the trend of increasing value and thus the popularity of some virtual currencies, as it gives them the feeling that anyone can easily, effortlessly, make high earnings - which of course is not true!

In the desire to make quick money, many have become easy targets for fraudsters who lurk at their victims with attractive promises of high earnings at minimal risk. Don't fall for them and don't invest through unverified investment service providers!