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We add value to your future

16. 05. 2019

Invest in your future and decide on saving in mixed sub-funds Moorea Fund!

Moorea Fund sub-funds are new to the Slovenian market and beside one-time pay-ins to chosen sub-fund enable also regular monthly pay-ins within a Savings plan. 

We add value to your future

Add value to your future by saving in Moorea Fund mixed sub-funds:

  • Intended for individual and corporate clients of SKB.
  • Responsiveness, searching for investment opportunities and adjusting the investment policy to market situation are the main advantages of the group for managing capital master fund Moorea Fund (Societe Generale Private Wealth Management), trusted by several thousand investors all over the world.
  • Investment goal realisation of individual Moorea Fund sub-fund is the responsibility of qualified fund managers with excellent knowledge of financial markets; these experts follow innovations and are dedicated to providing best service.

Means of pay-ins:

  • One-time pay-in – a minimum of 30 EUR.
  • Regular monthly pay-ins (direct debit) – savings plan Moorea Fund, a minimum of 30 EUR. Savings plan can be changed or suspended anytime with no additional cost.
  • NO entry and exit costs.

Additional information:

  • Website
  • SKB outlets, where you can get access to Moorea Fund sub-funds and their savings plans.