Changing bank

You think changing the bank is complicated?

Before you wave goodbye to your old bank

By choosing the right bank or the right package you can save and improve your banking experience.

Why would you even want to change banks?

  • … because your new bank can be more appealing. It has a more favourable offer with better interests and lower banking costs. In SKB bank we adjust our bank services to your wishes and needs.
  • … because your new bank can be closer. A bank with a wide net of outlets is always at your service. You can basically choose an outlet in your neighbourhood.
  • … because it is smart to benefit from special advantages offered to new clients of SKB bank.
  • … because by becoming a member of our family you get your individual relationship officer, who is here for you for counselling and bank operations.
  • … because we take care of everything. You just need to fill out a web form and come to the chosen outlet with your individual relationship officer. By filling out a form, the individual officer can be better prepared for your visit and he/she is able to carry out the whole process of changing the bank quickly and efficiently.

To a meeting with your individual officer please bring the last monthly statement from your previous bank, identification document and tax ID number.

Steps for changing banks

You absolutely do not need to worry about changing the bank. Even though the whole process seems complicated at first glance, our colleagues make sure that everything runs smoothly with no unnecessary additional visits.

Step 1: web form

When you decide you want to join more than 200 thousand satisfied clients of SKB bank, fill out the web form. You will be a step closer to a bank that knows how to take care of its clients.

The web form requires for you to enter your personal data and the amount of income.

Step 2: date and place

For us to be able to organise a meeting, please enter a place, outlet and date that suits you most in the web form.

Step 3: banking services

Enter also the type of potential loan and insurance, amount of overdraft, standing orders and the information if you have a deposit or a savings account with your previous bank.

Step 4: meeting with individual relationship officer

An individual relationship officer will contact you and set a meeting in person, where you will settle all the details. If he will have enough data, he will wait for you with an already prepared offer.

When you are ready to wave goodbye to your old bank, you can be sure that we at SKB bank will be ready and prepared for you, so that you are able to use our services as soon as possible.

We do not change our personal bank often. Actually, it is quite possible that almost all individuals still do business with the same bank they chose when they started to take control over their money.

If it has been several years since you changed the bank, it is possible that your personal account does not meet your requirements and the way you operate anymore. Therefore, it is good to occasionally check different options the banks have to offer.

What do you need to consider before changing the provider of banking services?

First, you need to check which services does your current personal account include and whether those are the services you actually need. Check which services you use and how many times per month you use them (number of ATM withdrawals, number of payment and standing orders and direct debits), what are the account keeping and credit card costs. This will give you good base for comparison.