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When choosing a loan, it is important to consider different factors: what are your short-term and long-term financial goals and how much loan you will take, so that your monthly liability will not represent an insurmountable burden.

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Your maximum annuity can amount to:


* enter the average amount for the last 12 months (including salary/pension, reimbursement for travel and meal expenses, holiday pay, Christmas bonus, ...)

** The calculation of the maximum monthly annuity is for information purposes only, with the help of which you can roughly calculate your creditworthiness. You can get the exact calculation at the outlet when submitting the loan application. The calculation in question takes into account the minimum amount that must remain after the repayment of the installment under the loan agreement. The informative calculation is valid on the assumption that you have no other credit charges and does not take into account any retirement that would occur during the repayment of the loan, nor the allowance that would cover the risk when calculating a loan with a variable interest rate.

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