Informing clients on the method of out-of-court dispute resolution


1. Any disputes, disagreements or client appeals are resolved by SKB banka d.d. Ljubljana (hereinafter referred to as »SKB« or »bank«) within the Central Service for Appeals and Complaints. To this end, the named service needs to be handed in a written request with all necessary facts being the grounds for appeal and any supporting documents. The request can be submitted personally based on a filled-out appeal form available in all SKB outlets, or electronically by filling out a web version of appeal form (section »Contacts«) available on the bank's website The appeal can also be sent via regular mail to: SKB d.d., Centralno reševanje pritožb in reklamacij, Ajdovščina 4, 1000 Ljubljana. The above-mentioned service confirms the receipt of the appeal and resolves it as soon as possible or in eight (8) days after receiving the appeal with all necessary documentation at the latest. If the complexity of the appeal does not enable its resolution within 8 days, the mentioned service within this period notifies the applicant on estimated date of resolution, which will be presented by written decision and necessary clarifications.

2. If the applicant being a consumer is not satisfied with the bank's decision issued in internal appeal procedure or if he/she did not receive an answer with the decision on appeal from the bank within 30 days, he/she has the right to file for motion on the beginning of proceedings for out-of-court dispute resolution in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act (ZIsRPS) within 13 months of submitting the appeal to the bank. The motion has to be filed with the operator of out-of-court dispute resolution (hereinafter referred to as: operator IRPD), acknowledged by the bank to have jurisdiction in disputes, that being with Bank Association of Slovenia - GIZ, Ljubljana, Šubičeva 2,  SI 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter referred to as: BAS), e-mail:, phone: +386 (0)1 24 29 700.

The consumer can file a written motion for the beginning of proceedings for out-of-court dispute resolution (hereinafter referred to as: IRPS procedure) at BAS via web form on the website of BAS; or via regular mail at Združenje bank Slovenije – GIZ, Ljubljana, Šubičeva ulica 2, SI 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, and by adding: motion for IRPS; or via e-mail: The IRPS procedure at BAS is led by an individual, that being a mediator in dispute, who also has a deputy. The IRPS procedure is a procedure that combines mediation and proposals; the mediator in dispute endeavours to reach an agreement on settling the dispute; if the agreement cannot be reached, the mediator issues a written non-binding and reasoned opinion on the disputed relationship. The procedure is governed by the Rules of Procedure on out-of-court dispute resolution with the Bank Association of Slovenia, which are published on the website of BAS at web address:,

More information on IRPS operator, filing motion and the means and procedure of IRPS with the BAS is available on the website of BAS at:

The applicant has the right to anytime file a suit for settling the dispute between him/her and the bank at the court of competent jurisdiction.