Why invest in mutual funds?

30. 12. 2020

Savings in mutual funds are intended to achieve long-term financial goals.

Why invest in mutual funds?

Investing in mutual funds allows:

  • Lower risk and high diversification of assets - assets are very diversified, capital markets and individual investments are monitored by experts instead of us;
  • Professional asset management - when investing in mutual funds, the investor does not have to monitor daily events and the value of unmts. The fund's assets are managed by a large number of experts who constantly monitor events in the capital and financial markets, in individual economies and companies;
  • Lower costs - we do not need a trading account, we do not pay minimum brokerage fees, costs related to dividend payments, interest;
  • High liquidity of assets - assets in funds are not tied up. In part or in full, the investor can sell the fund units at any time and receive the money in a bank account within a few days;
  • Simple investment in mutual funds – the investor only signs the accession statement to each fund;
  • Lower taxes - dividends and interests are reinvested by the fund in gross amount.