Proud owners of the "Workplace active certificate"

01. 05. 2023

At SKB bank, we support top-level, Olympic sports as well as sports for anyone who decides to spend their free time actively. As the main sponsor, we have been supporting the Olympic Committee of Slovenia for almost 30 years, on whose initiative, as a pioneering company, we joined the project to obtain the first European certificate in the field of employee sports activities.

Proud owners of the "Workplace active certificate"

In 2022, we decided to obtain the Workplace Active Certificate (WAC), which is managed by the European Federation for Corporate Sports (EFCS) with the support and cooperation of 9 international partners. It is intended for european organizations that actively promote health and well-being in the workplace through physical activity and want their initiatives and best practices to be recognized by a panel of experts.

In this process, our projects and internal employee activations were recognized as good practices that can serve as a model for other European companies.

Encouraging employees to be physically active not only has a good effect on health and general well-being, but also strengthens our connection, stability and belonging. The obtained certificate is a recognition, but at the same time a commitment and a promise that we will continue with projects that create a healthy and stimulating working environment.