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04. 01. 2022

Do you have goals for which you have to persevere day after day, week after week?

People keep setting goals in our lives. Someone would like to pass the last exam and finish their education with a diploma, another one wants to lose some extra kilograms, the fourth is trying to successfully complete a business project, the fifth's great success is to move more every day, learn to meditate or get rid of some bad habit, etc.


Whatever your goal is, it requires planning, effort, perseverance, commitment and sacrifice. The goal will be easier to achieve if you have someone to encourage and support you when you run out of motivation and perseverance.

We are kindly inviting you to join the #vztrajam project and share with us your personal stories about the goals you have already achieved and that will inspire others, or the ones you have not achieved yet and for which you need a little encouragement.

Become the #vztrajam ambassador

The ambassadors of the #vztrajam movement persist despite obstacles in their everyday life. With the positive view on life, they strive for the set goal, so they sooner or later overcome problems they face.

Do you keep moving ahead too? Become #vztrajam ambassador!

Share your goals, your obstacles and your tips. Help with your experience and be an inspiration. We are stronger together!

SKB has been the sponsor of the Slovenia Olympic team for more than 25 years. In 2016, it also became the personal sponsor of the top athlete Maruša Mišmaš.

Despite obstacles, our #vztrajam ambassador Maruša, is striving to achieve her goals with the positive view on life - even when it is hard. With her perseverance, she is an example and motivation for all of us!

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