Sponsor of the Slovenian Olympic team

01. 05. 2023

Since the very beginning of the Olympic movement in independent Slovenia in 1993, SKB has been the main sponsor of the Slovenian Olympic team.

Cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia (OCS) dates back to the beginning of its operation, so SKB is considered one of the first Slovenian companies which decided to support and spread the Olympic values in Slovenia.

Sponsor of the Slovenian Olympic team

SKB has placed the principle of team spirit, which is also one of the main values in Slovenian sport and Olympism, at the very top of importance of its corporate values.In this manner, SKB employees live and work every day in accordance with the principles such as the Olympic spirit, hard work, perseverance, etc. in relation to our employees, and especially in relation to our customers.

As the main sponsor of OCS and the Slovenian Olympic team, we build our relationships with empathy and mutual cooperation. We believe that with our support we can enable Slovenian sport to overcome challenges and achieve top, highest goals set.

In addition to supporting Slovenian top sport, SKB also shows its support for sports projects for everybody who works under the auspices of the OCS.