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SKB Bank helps Ukrainian refugees with free services

28. 03. 2022

At SKB Bank, we want to enable all residents of Slovenia to perform daily banking activities, regardless of the situation in which individuals find themselves. That is why we have decided to provide Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave their homeland due to military aggression with easy and free banking operations during their stay in Slovenia.

SKB Bank helps Ukrainian refugees with free services

All Ukrainian citizens with the status of a person with temporary protection will be able to open a Basic payment account and use it free of charge for a period of 3 months upon submission of the relevant documentation.

The Basic payment account allows a client the following:

  • Withdrawals at ATMs and payments at points of sale and online with a Visa debit card;
  • Access to digital banking (SKB NET online bank and MOJ@SKB mobile bank);
  • Free withdrawals at SKB Bank ATMs;
  • 8 free transactions per month (payment of invoices, transfers).

Both clients and employees can continue to help with financial donations through free remittances to humanitarian organizations, which will certainly ensure that all those Ukrainian citizens who continue to remain in their homeland receive assistance.

We have been keeping a close eye on the situation in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion in late February. In cooperation with the parent OTP Bank, we have been adjusting our operations and we respect the adopted sanctions at the national and international level.

The current situation certainly affects the operations of the OTP Group, but the shares of the Ukrainian and Russian OTP banks within the OTP Group are not such that this could put at risk the capital adequacy and liquidity of the OTP Group.