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Anita Stojčevska, Chief Executive Officer of SKB Bank, is the recipient of the Artemida award

26. 01. 2022

The Managers’ Association of Slovenia presents the award to successful businesswomen holding the highest management position, who lead successful companies with at least 50 employees, and have been in a managerial position for at least 12 months.

Anita Stojčevska, Chief Executive Officer of SKB Bank, is the recipient of the Artemida award

Upon receiving the award, Anita Stojčevska said:

“There have been quite a few milestones in my career that contributed to me receiving the Managers’ Association award this year. The first milestone happened 12 years ago, when I was the first woman to take over the management of the largest Commercial Management division at the SKB Bank. I was in charge of both Retail and Corporate segment of operations. The biggest achievement in my career was certainly two years ago, when the new owner of the SKB Bank, the OTP Group, entrusted me with the management of the currently third largest bank in Slovenia and appointed me Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Management Board. During the last two years, together with a team of employees, we have successfully completed the projects of integration with the OTP Group, which took place in very turbulent times, when we all faced the challenges of the global health crisis. During those 12 years, the SKB Bank operated extremely successfully and received the award for the most successful bank in Slovenia as many as ten times.

We are facing a new period of challenges related to the integration of the SKB Bank and Nova KBM, where we will follow the owner's strategy and maintain the Bank's successful position in the market. However, we will only be able to achieve this with a dedicated team of colleagues. The key pillar of the SKB Bank's strategy are its employees, their growth and development, and good mutual relations. I advocate the fact that only team victories count in life and not the victories of individuals. I believe that my mentality and attitude were crucial for my nomination by my closest colleagues and that I also convinced the selection committee with my sense of responsibility, honesty, professionalism, commitment and empathy for my colleagues."