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Advice for clients and visitors of the bank during the coronavirus outbreak

23. 10. 2020

In Slovenia, new infections with the coronavirus arise daily, therefore all of us need to be extra careful. Based on the public information from the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) and the Ministry of Health (MZ) and on the message from the National Security Council it can be expected, that the number of infections in Slovenia will continue to rise.

We prepared additional advice and guidelines for you regarding the operations with the bank during the spread of coronavirus.

Advice for clients and visitors of the bank during the coronavirus outbreak

General advice

In Slovenia, new infections with the coronavirus arise daily, therefore all of us need to be extra careful.

At SKB Bank, we do not expect that the coronavirus will affect our operations. Currently, we are not planning on closing the outlets and restricting the bank operations; however, additional measures are required for the safety of us all. If individual outlets do close in endangered areas, we advise you to remain calm as the measures are only temporary and linked to preventing the spread of the virus and to the protection of our clients and our employees.

Digital banking operations

If it is in any way possible, please use digital channels for doing operations with the bank.

SKB NET and PRO SKB NET internet banking and MOJ@SKB mobile banking

  • If you use internet or mobile banking, you can do many banking operations from the comfort of your home at any given time.
  • Internet and mobile bankingenable the execution of many banking services without having to visit the outlet (payment of bills, transferring money to your loved ones, checking of account transfers and account balance, applying for the approval of consumer loan and account overdraft, increasing the overdraft for payment card withdrawals at ATMs,…)
  • If you do not have internet or mobile banking yet, call your individual officer or the Call Centre at 01 471 55 55. We will present you with the options for the fastest activation of digital banking, which enables remote banking operations.


  • On the website of SKB Bank you can find all the necessary information on bank offer.
  • We will update on you any new measures taken by the SKB bank regarding coronavirus.

Call centre 01 471 55 55

  • If you have any questions on visiting the bank, performing remote services or bank offer, please call the Call Centre at 01 471 55 55, each working day from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm.

 Cash and card operations

  • For payments at points of sale we advise you to use payment and credit cards.
  • Withdrawals and deposits of cash should be made at ATMs; the outlet should be visited only in case of withdrawal of higher sums of money.
  • We advise you to be extra careful in using banknotes and coins, as the cash travels from hand to hand and the possibility of transferring the virus via cash cannot be excluded. We advise you to wash and disinfect your hands immediately after handling cash.

 Visiting the outlet

  • Visit the outlet only in urgent cases, when you are unable to postpone your visit to a later date (i.e. urgent payments for clients without digital channels, signing of ongoing loan contracts, urgent cash withdrawals that exceed the amount of ATM withdrawal,…).

If you consider visiting the outlet inevitable, please follow the following safety precautions:

  • Enter the outlet individually and only if you are healthy.
  • If the doors of the outlet are shut during working hours, please wait in front of the door until we come get you.
  • For visiting the outlet (and also in case of cash withdrawal) you are required to book a slot through a web form or by contacting the Call Centre at 01 471 55 55.
  • Upon entering and exiting the outlet you are required to disinfect your hands.
  • When visiting the outlet, please mind the safety distance. If there are more people in line, please make sure the safety distance is at least 1,5 m or visit the outlet again later.

In case of any preventive closing of an outlet in the SKB Bank network, we will notify our clients appropriately and direct them to other outlets, where they will be able to conduct their banking operations. We will also notify the clients on any disruptions in ATM and daily-night vault supply in individual locations.

Safety and prevention of infections among employees of SKB Bank

  • At SKB Bank, we adopted all necessary security and hygiene measures in accordance with the information and Directions for work organisations regarding the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, published on the website of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).
  • We temporarily cancelled all business trips, all events and trainings and introduced the use of communicating through video and phone conferences instead of attending meetings.
  • If the epidemiologic situation worsens, we at the SKB bank will act in accordance with adopted plans of continuous operations in extraordinary situations and if necessary, organise home offices for employees.
  • The safety and well-being of our employees and our clients come first at any given time.

 Advice for companies and entrepreneurs

  • Due to the preventive measures and visit restriction on the premises of the SKB bank we advise you to communicate with your guardian via phone or e-mail. In case of urgent matters, please set a potential personal contact with the guardian upon prior agreement.
  • Companies that will face liquidity issues due to the extraordinary situation will be handled individually based on their situation and potential solutions.

Advice for borrowers

Borrowers who will not be able to regularly pay the loan instalments will be handled individually based on their situation and potential solutions.

Advice for investors

We are not able to comment the events in the capital markets due to variating situation. Corrections of rates are something completely normal.

However, in operations with financial instruments the ground rules must always be followed:

  • only a part of funds is allocated for investments (for the period of 5 years or more);
  • gradual entering to capital markets;
  • following the set financial goals and avoiding instant decisions.

Advice regarding reimbursement for paid tickets due to event cancellations

  • For reimbursement of purchase, paid by a payment or a credit card of SKB bank, please contact the point of sale, where the purchase was made and require a retribution.
  • If the point of sale does not want to make a retribution, please contact the Call Centre at 01 471 55 55 for further information.

Additional information

Additional information on coronavirus and directions for bank operations are available at:

  • the Call Centre at 01 471 55 55, from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm
  • the SKB Bank's website