Build your package and get free management of Transaction account, PRO SKB NET internet bank and MOJ@SKB mobile bank for up to 12 months.

When opening a Transaction account, select the products you use most often and build your own package. The more products you choose, the more you will save. You can also opt for a  Visa Business Debit Card.

You can choose to open additional products from the package within 2 months from the opening of the Transaction account.

Selected products that provide free management of your transaction account and internet/mobile bank

Period of free management
PRO SKB NET internet bank or MOJ@SKB mobile bank 6 months
Business card insurance plus 6 months
POS terminal* 6 months
Package or Personal account 6 months

*The number of months is related to the contractual relationship and not to number of products (like number of cards or POS terminals).

Transaction account