Prestige Private Banking Club

Access to investment advice and investment products for everyone

Advantages of SKB

Customized investment recommendations

Aligned with your investment objectives and market opportunities.

Wide range of investment opportunities

Various financial products

Access to prestigious products tailored exclusively to private banking clients.

Posebna ugodnost

Multiple discounts

related to trading and custody of securities and financial instruments.

Prestige Club Advantages

The Prestige Club allows you to benefit from a close cooperation with your individual relationship officer, while at the same time having access to prestigious financial products and investment advice from SKB’s private banking.

Make an appointment with an individual relationship officer

Your individual relationship officer will wait for you in the outlet on the agreed upon date and time. 
With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

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We add value to your future

16. 05. 2019

Invest in your future and decide on saving in mixed sub-funds Moorea Fund!

Moorea Fund sub-funds are new to the Slovenian market and beside one-time pay-ins to chosen sub-fund enable also regular monthly pay-ins within a Savings plan. 

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SKB bank

  • Excells in safety, stability and reliability in Slovene banking space.
  • Part of OTP Group, one of the biggest and most stable financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Trusted by more than 200.000 clients.

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Digital banking

With mobile and online bank, you can arrange as many as 53 different tasks without visiting the bank:

  • Submitting application for approval of extra overdraft facility.
  • Submitting application for order of quick loan.
  • Submitting application for obtaining 
    Mastercard / Visa credit card.
  • Paying and receiving invoices and e-invoices.
  • Overview of balance and spending.

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