Simple, comfortable and quick access to funds and realization of your wishes.

The offer is valid until 31. 10. 2019.


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Repayment period

from 3 to 60 months

with fixed interest rate


In addition to salary or pension, certain other inflows can also be taken into account

Food allowance, daily subsistence allowance, royalties, reimbursement of travel expenses, annuity


Fast approval up to 10.000 EUR

40 EUR lowest monthly installment, no approval of documentation by the employer

Digital banking

Application via internet or mobile bank

submit an application for approval via SKB NET internet bank or MOJ@SKB mobile bank


Check the loan conditions and let us know about your wishes and needs. We will do our best to satisfy your wishes. Take advantage of special offer on loan approval costs until 31. 10. 2019.

5.000 EUR loan

for as low as

220,70 EUR per month

Fixed interest rate: 5,60 %
Repayment period: 24 mesecev
Details of the calculation

10.000 EUR loan

for as low as

192,40 EUR per month

Fixed interest rate: 5,80 %
Repayment period: 60 mesecev
Details of the calculation


For all the needs and wishes that arise unexpectedly in your life. No certification of documentation by the employer and quick approval!

​Comparison of loans

​Add the loans which you would like to compare. The comparison enables a quick overview of key characteristics.




Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I obtain a quick cash loan?

Possibly very quickly. After submitting an application, which you can also submit via SKB NET internet bank or MOJ@SKB mobile bank, a quick cash loan can be approved within one hour.

In some cases, the approval time is longer:

  • in the case where the bank requires loan insurance with an insurance company or with a guarantor,
  • when subject to a special approval by a banking officer with higher authority,
  • when visiting the outlet before closing time or on Saturdays.

Can the loan interest rate be changed during the repayment of the loan and by how much?

If you took a loan with a fixed interest rate, the latter remains unchanged for the whole period.

What about early repayment of the loan?

The borrower can repay the loan early partially or fully, with associated costs and interest calculated according to the balance on the day of the last settlement until the day of repayment. Loan repayment is free.

Can I get another loan with your bank if I already have one?

Yes, you can. It is important that the total amount of Quick cash loans does not exceed 10,000 EUR.

Is it possible to get a loan without additional insurance?

Clients who receive their income on a bank account held with SKB can be granted a cash loan of up to a limited amount and a limited maturity, without additional collateral, subject to a decision by the Bank’s outlet that approves the loan. The decision depends on the client's credit rating and the type and amount of the loan. 

Other possible insurance options are:

  • a creditworthy guarantor,
  • an insurance company,
  • a mortgage or
  • a term deposit.
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Digital banking

With mobile and online bank, you can arrange as many as 53 different tasks without visiting the bank:

  • Submitting application for approval of extra overdraft facility.
  • Submitting application for order of quick loan.
  • Submitting application for obtaining 
    Mastercard / Visa credit card.
  • Paying and receiving invoices and e-invoices.
  • Overview of balance and spending.

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