Pomagamo vam od ideje do nakupa

Svetovalec, ki vas bo vodil skozi postopek pridobivanja dokumentacije in odobritve kredita, bo odgovoril na vsa vaša vprašanja, vas seznanil s postopkom in obveščal o posameznih korakih.

With you from idea to purchase

You need to feel relaxed and self-confident while buying a property and acquiring a loan. Our consultant will guide you through the entire process of obtaining documentation, approval and utilization of the loan. They will inform you of individual steps and answer your questions.

Real estate purchase

Before purchasing real estate, ask your personal relationship officer what kind of sales documentation the bank requires. Thus your application will be complete and the real estate purchase will be safe.

Informative calculation

Your personal relationship officer will help you find the financing method that will be most suitable for you. They will provide you with an informative calculation and a repayment plan.

Real estate appraisal

Appraisal of the real estate you are buying is usually mandatory. It is performed by the bank's appraiser before submitting a loan application, as the appraisal is an integral part of the documentation.

Loan application submission

The amount of supporting documents on your creditworthiness and for the purpose of financing can vary greatly. It depends on your type of employment and the employer, business cooperation of the borrower with the SKB bank and the real estate you are buying.

The bank assesses, checks and finally approves the loan.

Loan agreement signature and notary record

After signing the contract at the bank, in the case of mortgage insurance, a notary record for loan insurance with a real estate is required.

Loan use

The whole process is completed with the deposit of the purchase price for your new real estate. At this point, our job is done and you can begin to realize your dreams.

Housing loan NSVS

Costs of taking out a National Housing Savings Scheme (NSVS) loan

  • credit insurance costs: the amount depends on the type of credit insurance (insurance premium, guarantor, mortgage ...);
  • there is no cost of loan approval and management.

Can I pay off a loan early?

You may pay off the full amount of your loan or part of your loan early at any time after the start of the loan repayment period. The early loan repayment penalty is determined by the Slovenian Consumer Credit Act (Zakon o potrošniških kreditih). Early loan repayment is currently free for all variable rate loans and all repayments done with a fixed interest rate within one year up to the amount of EUR 10,000.

Can I replace a fixed interest rate with a variable one with Euribor while repaying the loan?

The loan interest rate can not be changed. You can repay the loan with a new loan.

I need a NSVS housing loan for construction. How long can I draw on the loan or can I partly use it in cash?

The use of the funds from the NSVS is strictly dedicated, as stipulated by the law; therefore, the loan funds are used only on the basis of invoices, quotes, contracts and other special purpose documentation. You can use funds for the purchase, construction, reconstruction or renovation of apartments and residential houses, the purchase of building land, the payment of costs for municipal facilities or change in the designated use of the land, the payment of project documentation, or the repayment of already acquired housing loans with other banks.

In accordance with the SKB policy, you can draw on the loan for 2 months. If a NSVS housing loan does not suit you, you can obtain a loan from our regular offer.

I was saving in the NSVS, but I do not need a loan. Can I transfer my right to a loan to another person, for example my mother?

The obligations and rights under the savings agreement in the National Housing Saving Scheme can be transferred at any time to a spouse or a person who, in accordance with marriage law, is entitled to the same rights as the spouse, to children and grandchildren.

Transfer of rights is possible in this order.

The person to whom the rights were transferred thus becomes a "saver", that is, the beneficiary of the loan with whom the bank concludes a loan agreement, with the purposes of loan use defined by the contract and the law.

The following documents apply as proof of eligibility of an individual to take over the rights from the NSVS:

  • birth certificate (transfer to children, grandchildren),
  • certificate of permanent residence (transfer to a non-marital partner is possible if joint residence has been registered for at least 2 years),
  • decision on inheritance (if it has not yet been issued, a notarized agreement between legitimate heirs is sufficient),
  • asset sharing agreement (notarized).

I completed the NSVS saving, but I do not need a loan for at least 2 to 3 years. Can I use the right to obtain a housing loan after this period?

In accordance with the National Housing Saving Scheme (NSVS) Act, a 2-year deadline is set for obtaining a loan if you have completed a 10-year saving. If you need a loan later, we can offer you a loan from our regular offer that can be adapted to your wishes and repayment capabilities with regard to loan amount, loan maturity, choice between the bank's interest rate (fixed or variable) and also the possibility of cash part of the loan payment.

I need a higher loan than I can get after the completed NSVS scheme. Can I get an additional or another loan?

On the basis of the completed NSVS saving, you have the right to 210% of the total savings. If the offer of the NSVS loan is not fully suitable for you, we will provide you with another loan from the regular banking offer at SKB.

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Housing loan NSVS

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Housing loan NSVS

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