For home insurance, with home assistance for emergencies.

Lightning strike

Covers the costs of damage

due to direct and/or indirect lightning strike.

Additional benefits

Covers the costs of

renting alternative accommodation and the costs of cancellation/acquisition of new identity documents.

Paket Dom

Property insurance

enables you to insure residential immovable/movable property and includes home assistance services.


Having an immaculate and protected home is what everyone dreams about. After all, our home is where we live, which is why we have to protect it in case of unforeseen events.


Your home can be an endless source of unexpected issues, such as broken plumbing pipes, faulty wiring that results in electrical fires and broken locks. These are all issues that you can fix quickly and easily with Home Assistance by Generali Insurance, which provides you with assistance for all your small emergencies at home.


The Generali Home Assistance policy covers:

  • contractor's travel expenses,
  • contractor’s first hour of work,
  • cost of the material used (excluding locks) up to a maximum of EUR 50.



With Paket Dom property insurance, your home is protected against fires, storms and hail, as well as other elemental hazards that your home may face, such as water damage and glass breakage. In the event of damage caused by the elements, the insurance covers a wide range of costs, from clean-up and demolition costs to the cost of renting temporary accommodation, as well as any additional costs resulting from the execution of regulations by official authorities.

You can upgrade your selected type of coverage by raising certain limits or stipulating additional policies, such as additional insurance for real estate or landowner liability, or additional earthquake insurance.


With the exclusive Paket Dom insurance package, you can ensure all your home furniture, appliances and other equipment for personal use, which is located inside your house, apartment, attic, basement or garage, whether inhabited or not.

The Paket Dom insurance package will make sure that all your movable property is protected against fire, storms and hail, as well as other elemental, such as water damage and glass breakage. The Home Insurance package also includes insurance against burglary and theft, whether it happens inside or outside your home. In the event of an accident, the insurance will also cover part of the costs incurred, such as the cost of changing the lock, the cost of cancelling documents and making new ones, as well as part of the additional costs incurred in case of a loss event.

You can upgrade your insurance by raising certain insurance coverage limits or stipulating additional policies. For example, you can choose between additional sole proprietor’s liability insurance, additional equipment breakdown coverage and machinery insurance for household appliances and other electrical appliances or additional earthquake insurance.

Make an appointment with an individual relationship officer

Your individual relationship officer will wait for you in the outlet on the agreed upon date and time. 
With his help, you will be able to arrange everything quickly and easily.

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Frequently asked questions

How to report damage under PaketDom property insurance

You can also use the ONLINE FORM to report a damage case.
To report damage under the Home assistance policy:

  • no filling out of report forms is required - simply call 080 15 77 or,
  • if calling from abroad, +386 1 47 57 117.

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