Mastercard rewards!

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.

Shop with Mastercard or Gold Mastercard and take advantage of a number of benefits.


When buying a token worth 15 EUR with

Mastercardnew clients after 1 year get an

additional token worth 15 EUR,

which you can use on

Be among the top 100 payers with Mastercard

and win free room celaning

or cleaning equipment worth 50 EUR. 

You can also win when paying with Mastercard

an additional 5% discount,

which you can use at


Get 5 to 10%

refund on purchase with 1nadan,

where offers await you

and are daily.


Check daily updated offers at and take advantage of up to 

10% refunded purchase when paying with Mastercard.


Check daily updated offers and with

Mastercard take advantage of many additional

benefits when ordering on

Raztur na maturi

When paying with Mastercard you can get

up to 20% discount for all packages

and up to 65% discount at subscription to Raztur na maturi program.


Get up to 10% discount on when

paying with Mastercard.


Get a discount when purchasing an all-day ticket

paying with Mastercard.



Get up to 50% discount on selected products

in Merkur when paying with Mastercard.


Do you not have a Mastercard yet?

Mastercard opens thousands of doors across Slovenia and more than 32 million across the world. You can use it in hotels, restaurants, shops and on other points of sale marked by Mastercard. Fill out and hand in the application for the issue of a Mastercard in an SKB outlet or via SKB NET internet bank.


  • Non-cash payments made at points of sale marked by Mastercard, in Slovenia and abroad,
  • Instalment purchases exceeding 50 EUR (2 - 12 instalments)
  • Cash withdrawals using your personal number (PIN) at all ATMs and in SKB outlets, in banks marked by Mastercard, in Slovenia and abroad,
  • Long-distance purchases can be made with the card,
  • Monthly membership fee for holders who pay their obligations via direct charge from their personal SKB account (other holders pay annual membership fee) and
  • The possibility of taking out supplementary insurance for the case of abuse of a stolen or lost SKB card.


  • The deferred payment card – use it every day and receive an invoice only once a month;
  • Selection of the term for payment of your obligations via direct charge on your personal account, namely on the 8th, 18th or 28th in a month;
  • You can monitor transactions on your card account via SKB NET internet bank;
  • In addition to your Mastercard, you can also enable transactions to your dearest with an additional card.

Plus card insurance 
Insure your bank card and your personal belongings with Plus card insurance .

 If you wish to acquire a Mastercard, you will need:

  • A valid personal document (identity card or passport);
  • Your tax number;
  • Personal account at SKB.