At SKB banka, we are supporting the honest decisions, which we believe happen due to constant improvement. We are starting a new chapter in the card business so that we can offer our customers even more and provide them with a quality experience using a credit card. Therefore, we will combine the best of our offer and at the end of 2021 become a bank issuing exclusive Visa cards.

Worrying that the Visa credit card will not be as useful
as a Mastercard is completely pointless!

  • The usability of the Visa card is fully comparable to the use of a Mastercard card. In Slovenia and Europe, the acceptance of Visa cards is enabled at all points of sale equipped with POS technology and at all ATMs.
  • Visa operates the world's largest, most reliable and most secure payment network, connecting 13,000 issuers with 3.4 billion cards and 61 million points of sale in over 200 countries.
  • The Visa brand is one of the most valuable brands in the world.


Frequently asked questions

When cardholders receive a new card, it must be replaced with an existing Business Mastercard. As of December 1, 2021, the Business Mastercard will no longer be usable, so it must be destroyed.

Payment of all obligations made with the Business Mastercard (or more cards) will be made with this card.

The PIN remains the same as it is on cardholder's Business Mastercard credit card.

The card will be received by cardholders in November 2021, with prior notice. The card will be received by those, whose company will not change the characteristics of business card business before or if the card account is not blocked for other reasons.

All features as valid today on the company's Business Mastercard will also apply to the new Visa Business credit card - the amount of the spending limit on the card account, the method of payment, the amount of membership fees and any additional services (Security SMS, Business Card Insurance plus, Additional insurance).

All holders of existing business cards will receive a new Visa Business Credit Card, with which they will operate in the same way as before. If users want to change the features on their business credit cards or add new cards, they can arrange this with their relationship officer by the end of October 2021.

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