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We encourage and do good things for the environment in which we operate and do business!


Care, respect and responsibility towards the environment in which we live and work are among core values of SKB banka. We devote various forms of financial help to different social activities - cultural, educational, humanitarian and sports.

Our social responsibility reflects in transparent business practice based on ethical values: we respect life, work and creativity of our employees, closer community and wider social environment.

We stand for good interpersonal relations and for a healthy and positive environment, therefore we try to help groups and individuals with similar values.

Since 1993 we are the main sponsor of Slovenia Olympic Team. The cooperation between SKB and the Olympic Committee of Slovenia goes back to the beginning of its existence and we are considered to be one of the first Slovene companies that decided to support and share olympic values in Slovenia.

In 2020, we decided to support Slovenian cultural creation and thus became the sponsor of the 2020/2021 season at the SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana.

We believe that with our support we can motivate and encourage our employees, customers, business partners, Olympians, artists and everyone who finds themselves facing important decisions in life because SKB supports your honest decisions!

Social responsibility

SKB supports sport - personal sponsorship of the top athlete Maruša Mišmaš

Maruša Mišmaš is the best Slovenian middle-distance runner. She holds national records in the 2,000 and 3,000 metres steeplechase, which is also her flagship discipline.

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Sponsor of the Slovenian Olympic team

Since the very beginning of the Olympic movement in independent Slovenia in 1993, SKB has been the main sponsor of the Slovenian Olympic team.

Cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia (OCS) dates back to the beginning of its operation, so SKB is considered one of the first Slovenian companies which decided to support and spread the Olympic values in Slovenia.

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SKB urban bee house

The fact is that bees are an endangered species, probably also due to the overuse of stimulants and protective agents in agriculture. In cities, such agents are used to a lesser extent, which makes it easier for bees to survive in urban environments.

Therefore, urban beekeeping has become one of the possible solutions for the survival of bees, who return our care for them by pollinating plants and giving us sweet honey.

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Do you have goals for which you have to persevere day after day, week after week?

People keep setting goals in our lives. Someone would like to pass the last exam and finish their education with a diploma, another one wants to lose some extra kilograms, the fourth is trying to successfully complete a business project, the fifth's great success is to move more every day, learn to meditate or get rid of some bad habit, etc.

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We stand for good interpersonal relations and for a healthy and positive environment, therefore we try to help groups and individuals with similar values.

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