About SKB bank



Safe, reliable and trustworthy partner

SKB Banka places great importance on following internationally acknowledged Know-Your-Customer and Anti–Money Laundering principles.



Pursuant to the Slovenian Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act, SKB Bank as an obliged person who is a credit or financial institution, when entering into a correspondent relationship with a credit or financial institution established in a Member State or a third country, as part of an in-depth customer review, the quality of its supervision, carry out customer due diligence measures and additionally obtain the data, information and documentation required under the Slovenian Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (due diligence examination).

In addition to this, the objective of due diligence checks performed by our bank is to provide accurate, adequate information regarding to the bank when establishing and maintaining correspondent banking relationships, as well as to request the equivalent information from the prospective and existing correspondent banking relationships.

Information about SKB Banka d.d., Ljubljana and its measures to comply with due diligence requirements can be found below. Further information can be requested via SWIFT (BIC code: SKBASI2X) or please write to us (MO-DDCBANK@skb.si).