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Reference interest rates

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Interest rate Value
SIOM -0.316 %
1M EURIBOR -0.369 %
3M EURIBOR -0.316 %
6M EURIBOR -0.257 %
12M EURIBOR -0.147 %
3M LIBOR USD 2.629 %

Graphical presentation of changes in the 3M Euribor reference interest rate for a period of 10 years

The contractual composite nominal interest rate of the loan consists of a reference interest rate plus a premium.

The contractual interest rate changes until the final repayment of the loan to take into account the new value of the reference interest rate, i.e. every 3 months on the date of maturity of the annuity or interest.

The change of the reference interest rate directly affects the change of the contractual interest rate which is the basis for calculating interest. The borrower should be aware that they exclusively and fully assume the risk of any changes, including any sharp increases in the monthly annuity.

The reference interest rate EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) is the interbank interest rate at which representative banks from the euro area mutually offer deposits (lend money) for a given maturity (up to 1 year). Daily specified values are published on the Reuters information system, page EURIBOR01 (set to 3 decimal places). The SKB Bank publishes 3-month EURIBOR on their website and in all SKB outlets.