Amundi funds received acknowledgement by the magazine Moje finance for the quality of management

For seventh consecutive year, the magazine Moje finance assessed fund managers and funds which have achieved best results in managing investors' money in the last three or five years. The ceremony of awarding the prizes to most successful mutual funds took place on 14 March 2017.

We have received four statuettes for the Amundi funds which we at SKB are marketing, from the categories Bonds European 2014 – 2016, Stock developing markets 2014 – 2016, Stock energy, materials and public supply 2014 – 2016 as well as Stock energy, materials and public supply 2012 - 2016.

Amundi funds were close to highest positions also in other categories, which provides evidence of the quality of funds marketed by SKB. 

Priznanje za Amundi sklade

SKB the best bank in Slovenia in 2017 by Global Finance

Global Finance magazine has announced its awards for the World’s Best Banks. SKB, for the second time, became the best bank in Slovenia.

Global Finance, founded in 1987, has a circulation of 50,000 and readers in 192 countries. Global Finance’s audience includes senior corporate and financial officers responsible for making investment and strategic decisions at multinational companies and financial institutions. Global Finance also targets the 8,000 international portfolio investors.

Bank of the Year 2016 in Slovenia

Banka leta 2016 v Sloveniji

SKB Bank won The Banker magazine's 'Bank of the Year Awards 2015' for the fifth time. On December 7, 2016, Francois Turcot and Vojka Ravbar, CEO and Deputy CEO, accepted at the Bank of the Year Awards Ceremony in London The Banker's recognition.

The Banker has been provided economic and financial intelligence for the world's financial sector since 1926 and it is the key source of data and analysis for the industry.

Banka leta 2016 v Sloveniji

SKB is Slovenia’s Best Bank by the Euromoney

The Euromoney Awards for Excellence, launched in 1992, were the first of their kind in the global financial publishing industry. The nature of the global banking industry is changing, and this year The Euromoney has made fundamental changes in their Awards for Excellence to reflect this.

The main purposes of changes they explain as:

  • To move away from awards based on individual product categories where other determinants of status and ability, are readily available;
  • To focus on banks / investment banks that can demonstrate an ability to deliver the different parts of their firms to meet clients’ needs and adapt to market and regulatory conditions
  • And to consider candidates for these awards that might not be global in scale, but are truly world class in the way they are run in the services they deliver to clients.

Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence cover more than 20 global product categories, best-in-class awards in all regions and the best banks in close to 100 countries around the world. The awards were announced and presented at the Euromoney Awards for Excellence dinner in London.

From left to right: Jelka Novak Katona, Head of Corporate Communication in SKB, Lucy Fitzgeorge-Parker, Euromoney's Emerging Europe Editor, Vojka Ravbar, Deputy Chief Executive officer in SKB.

SKB got the MasterCard’s Data Integrity Award

In 2015 MasterCard granted its Data Integrity Awards to 25 banks in the European Economic Area. SKB was also recognized as the bank that meets the highest standard in terms of data integrity (correctness, accuracy and completeness).

Photo (Vinko Kernc) : Mr. Francois Turcot, SKB’s CEO with team of colleagues from SKB and Bankart accepted the recognition.

SKB – one of the most reputable employers in Slovenia

The company Moje delo d.o.o. has been preparing a survey of employers’ reputation since 2007, each two years. The last one was carried between July and December 2015 and included 5,574 individuals. The results showed that SKB is also among the most reputable employers in Slovenia.

Bank of the year 2015 in Slovenia

The Banker 2015

SKB Bank won The Banker magazine's 'Bank of the Year Awards 2015' for the forth time. Francois Turcot and Vojka Ravbar, CEO and Deputy CEO, accepted the award at the Bank of the Year Awards Ceremony in London.

At this occasion Mr. Francois Turcot, Chief Executive Officer of the SKB Bank, answered on next questions posed by The Banker.

What were the main challenges faced by your bank in the past year?
Slovenia, in which SKB Bank operates, enjoyed encouraging signs of economic recovery. The banking industry has been partially restructured and the liquidity of the banking system has drastically improved. However, the profitability of the banks as a whole remained insufficient as a result of a decrease of loans volumes, of low interest rate margins, of still too high operating costs and of additional bad debts impairments.

What do you feel were the main successes achieved by your bank in the past year?
Despite this challenging context, SKB reached again a high level of operating profit as it has been able to develop its market shares and has continued to rationalize its operating costs. In addition, due to our strict risk policy and the good performance of our recovery department, we enjoyed a very low net cost of risks.

What plans does your bank have for the coming year, and where do you see opportunities?
Innovation and quality of products and services and commitment and professionalism of our employees are the base for keeping good business relationship with our customers. We will continue to provide them the appropriate financial services through the whole country. By strengthening the business synergy with our other two local companies, SKB Leasing and ALD Automotive and with the Group Société Générale, SKB Bank expects another successful year.

The story of the past few years has been of economic slowdown in developed markets and growth in developing markets. The picture is more complicated this year, with no region escaping the sluggish economic conditions. Several banks managed to shine on a regional scale, however, and the best of them are recognised here by The Banker.

SKB named by Global Finance the best bank in Slovenia in 2015

The financial magazine Global Finance has, based on analyzes and assessments of international experts in the fiels of finance, business management and banking consultants, appointed the best banks in countries and regions. Global Finance has named SKB the best bank in Slovenia in 2015.

SKB named a National Champion in the prestigious European Business Awards 2015/16

SKB has been named as a National Champion for Slovenia in The European Business Awards sponsored by RSM, one of the largest global networks of independent audit, tax and advisory firms. The prestigious competition is supported by businesses leaders, academics, media and political representatives from across Europe. The European Business Awards engaged with over 32,000 business from 33 European countries and 678 companies from across Europe have been named today as National Champions. Among them was also SKB which competed in The Award for Environmental & Corporate Sustainability. 

A list of all National Champions across Europe.

SKB is the best bank in Slovenia 2014 named by Global Finance

The financial magazine Global Finance magazine has 21 years in a row, based on the analyzes and assessments of international experts in the fields of finance, business management and banking consultants appointed the best banks in countries and regions. In Central and Eastern Europe has selected the best banks in 21 countries. Among the criteria were growth in assets, profitability, strategic relationships, users’ services, competitive pricing and innovative products.

Bank of the year 2013 in Slovenia

Bank of the year 2013

SKB has received the recognition as Bank of the Year 2013 in Slovenia. 

The recognition given every year by The Banker, which is owned by the The Financial Times, is one of the most prestigious awards in the banking world.

This recognition is a proof that deriving from SKB's good reputation, from the quality of its teams at all level of the bank, by developing both the synergies internally and with other Société Générale subsidiaries, we brought efficient answers to the client needs and thus we demonstrate how we are aligned with our slogan ''Together we achieve more''.

In a very challenging economic environment and on a mature and competitive market, SKB proved its capacity to over perform by increasing the size of clients' portfolio and the market shares on loans and deposits.

Vojka Ravbar, Deputy CEO

Vojka Ravbar, Deputy CEO accepted the award.

Bank of the year 2012 in Slovenia

SKB has earned the recognition award of the bank of the year in Slovenia awarded by the Banker magazine. The award is the result of solid relationships based on mutual trust, understanding, searching for the best solutions and mutual satisfaction. Thus we managed to confirm our strategy in 2012 despite challenging economic conditions.

The award was accepted by Vojka Ravbar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, and Jelka Novak Katona, Head of Corporate Communication, at the award ceremony in London.

SKB won the award in the Euromoney Banking Survey 2012

In February 2012 the international financial review Euromoney publised the results of research among customers on field of Private Banking (Euromoney Banking Survey 2012).

The first place in category Best Private Banking Services in the field of Privacy and security in Slovenia was taken by SKB.

Bank of the year 2011 in Slovenia

Bank of the year 2011
This year, The Banker magazine award was given to SKB in Slovenia. The award, which was accepted by Vojka Ravbar, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, and Nataša Mohorčič Zobec, the Director of the Finance Division, was awarded to the Bank due to its good operating results in a period which was otherwise characterised by exceptionally demanding and unstable financial circumstances.
The award which we earned with joined forces is the result of work, professionalism and innovation of all employees. We are certain that will remain among the best, since we strive to offer our clients quality banking services tailor-made for them and at competitive prices, as well as to create fertile ground for successful operations which will benefit everyone, the clients, employees and our owners.

SKB received an award for the best Annual Report 2010

SKB received an award in the category of the best annual report among financial institutions and in the category of the best financial report among financial institutions. Competition for the best annual report was organised by financial daily Finance and the Business Academy.

SKB has been compiling its annual reports exclusively in electronic form for several years. In 2011, we have upgraded our electronic version with an interactive web Flash version, which uses interactive tabular displays to enable easy use of the document for investors and analysts for the purposes of their analyses.
During the compilation of the Annual Report for financial year 2010, we paid special attention to the financial part. It is more accessible, transparent, includes numerous pieces of useful information represented interactively and contains accentuations which provide readers with a faster and more user-friendly overview.

In addition to the financial statements, the Annual Report also includes a presentation of the business and environment trends of the SKB bank and its corporate culture, which is part of the international Societe Generale banking group, as well as the values, expertise, innovation and team spirit, which are everyday part of the Bank and the awarded Annual Report.