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Personal account for youngsters

Youngsters offer

You have everything you want: youth, freedom and time for enjoyment. In order for your life to be dynamic and really completely free, your monetary transactions must be really simple. Therefore, use our Personal account for youngsters, take advantage of the discounts and benefits, and check out what your bank is offering you. 

  • ISIC personal account for students

    Are you of legal age, do you have student status and like to travel? Take advantage of special benefits and discounts of ISIC personal account for students in Slovenia and abroad.

  • Benefits and discounts

    Do you have a pupil or student status and own a personal account for youngsters? If so, you are eligible for benefits offered by the bank in cooperation with its business partners.

  • Personal account for youngsters

    Personal account for youngsters

    Enjoy your youth, take advantage of special benefits, and use an account for youngsters between the age of 14 and 27. The account is free of charge, and you can always seek help and advice from your individual relationship officer. SKB also offers special discounts with other services and favourable loans to youngsters.

  • BA Maestro card for youngsters

    BA Maestro card for youngsters

    Do you want to avoid time-consuming payments in cash? Do you want to pay for your purchases easily, comfortably and securely, both in Slovenia and abroad? You always have your money available with BA Maestro card for youngsters, which is tailor-made for pupils and students.

  • MasterCard card

    MasterCard card

    Do you want to make secure non-cash payments both in Slovenia and abroad and make purchases at a distance (online purchases, telephone sales)? Then SKB MasterCard is the right choice, as it provides you with all this and more.

  • 30-day savings account

    Do you want to save some money and spend it when necessary? Why not increase it during that time? Open a savings account and deposit 20 euro on it, which must remain on your account until the termination of saving. You can withdraw the remaining optional deposits already after 30 days.

  • Loyalty savings account

    Do you want to have your own car, a new laptop or to ski with the best skis? Deposit 20 euro to a savings account every month and within 2 years you will be able to realise your wishes.

  • Goal-based savings account

    Set yourself a goal that you wish to achieve within 5 years. You can start with the lowest deposit of 30 euro per month. Ask your parents or grandparents to help and contribute a euro or two towards the realisation of your goal. This will be even easier with a favourable fixed interest rate.